Red Polka Dots (4)

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Finding a shoulder to lean on, other than my mother, has always been my dream ever since the accident happened. To find someone that will care for me because they want to.

All I wanted was a friend.

But I know that I would find no friend like that here, I thought to myself as I stared at my school's gymnasium in the dark of the night. Lights were flashing, escaping through the numerous high windows of the building and you could hear the loud party music blasting from the speakers even from a few blocks away.

Some people lingered outside the building, most already hanging out with their assigned partners that they have found, either munching on some food or drinking some sort of liquid out of red plastic cups. I just had to hope that there was no booze served in here.

Just one look at the place had my knees shaking under me and my palms dripping with sweat. I didn't want to go in there to face the people, I didn't want to meet the man that would be forced to be my partner, and I was sure that I would just be humiliated by whoever it is once the time comes.

But I know I had to do it, even when I wanted nothing more than to make a run for it and escape this forced party, but my mother's voice rang in the back of my mind every time I tried to.

You can do this...

And somehow, I found myself believing her. I know I could do this, it's just that I was scared. Too scared for my own good. But I had to do this for her at least, didn't I?

I had to prove to her that this daughter of hers was no weakling... no mistake. I had to be strong enough, even if it was just for this week.

Letting out a silent breath, I glanced down at my dress nervously, knowing how much it hugged my curves. I suddenly felt self-conscious. Was it right for me to pick this dress?

I shook the thought away, nodding silently to myself before I quickly made my way to the doors of the gym, fidgeting under the gazes of the people as I passed by but ignoring them as best as I could.

I knew that I looked funny, seeing that I had this whole getup while the others simply wore not so flashy colors which they have luckily seemed to have chosen from the picking a few days ago. They had simple greens, blues, reds. None as flashy as mine so far. I couldn't help it anyways.

Red polka dots were always a bit too... eye-catching.

I shuffled awkwardly until I finally reached the door after I felt was a lifetime, the grass beneath my feet faintly prickling the side of my feet and my toes. It loomed over me and I had to swallow harshly just to keep my feet rooted to where I was.

The music was louder now and I could hear the noisy chatter of the people as they conversed with each other inside. It was almost funny how just the sound of the loud noises scared the living daylights out of me.

Gritting my teeth, I forced myself to slide the heavy doors open only to come face to face with clashing colors, bright neon lights, and pounding music that made my ears start to hurt. It was pure and utter high school chaos at its finest. People were dancing around like wild monkeys to the music, things were randomly spilled onto the once clean and smooth floor. The place was horribly decorated, a clash of colors that didn't complement each other one bit, added with a huge lot of glitter in an effort to make it look better. But no one seemed to mind the horrible decorations though, everyone enjoying the wild night that was granted to them by the school.

At that one fleeting moment, the small amount of courage I had... Crumbled.

My hands shook and, without hesitation, I slammed the door back shut and ran away, weaving through the crowd of people that gathered outside, only to be ignored. But it gave me an advantage, allowing me to slip by them easily and stumble my way to the back of one of the school's buildings.

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