Chapter 14

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"I knew it! I just knew it! Didn't I tell you mamma?" Rhea laughed spitefully. She stepped forward and grabbed Avni's arm. Avni winced as Rhea's nails dug deep into her skin.

"Now tell me, where is he?" Rhea demanded and shook Avni vehemently.


"You lying bitch!" she cried. "How dare you even think about stealing my fiancé?"


"You always had your eyes on my property, didn't you?" Rhea sneered. "Trying to get good clothes, trying to prove yourself better than me. In short, trying to become like me. But you could never become that, right Avni?" Rhea shook her so hard that Avni's teeth rattled. "You could never become Rhea Rajput! You just refused to understand that you were nothing but a filthy doormat whose place is beneath people's feet!"


"Too bad dad didn't realize this while he was alive! If he would have then at least he would have got the chance to repent for wasting so much of time and efforts on you! You could have saved him from his misery, Avni. You should have left when I and mom came. He wouldn't have needed anybody. You were never enough for him! That's why, he had to remarry and-"

"Okay that's enough!" Avni said loudly and jerked her arm free. The place where Rhea had dug her nails began to bleed. Ignoring the piercing pain in her arm, Avni pointed a finger at rhea. "Don't you dare utter a word about my and dad's relation " she said furiously. She could put up with any shit in the world but not this!

"Why not?" Sakshi stepped forward this time. Avni saw with a surge of hatred that as usual, she was dressed in the latest fashionable clothes with her hair made up perfectly and her face shining with make-up. "You had the gall to break my daughter's heart by stealing her fiancé and now you do it over the top by telling her to keep her mouth shut! How dare you?"

Avni could feel the dizziness returning. What were Sakshi and Rhea doing in Jaipur? Weren't they supposed to be in London? Rhea had told her that she and Kabir were going for a pre-honeymoon before marriage- Wait! She had called her up that night to ask about Kabir. What did this mean? Where was Kabir? And why wasn't he in touch with Rhea? Why were they assuming that he would get in touch with her? Unless...

"Perhaps your fiancé has changed his mind concerning the choice he made?"

Avni's head snapped round in Inky's direction as she voiced the thought that had just occurred to her. She was looking at both Rhea and Sakshi with cold eyes, her face full of contempt.

"And who the hell are you?" Sakshi snapped, unperturbed by the coldness but her tone had softened slightly as she looked at the beautiful girl. Avni winced. This was going all wrong. She couldn't let Sakshi talk to Neil's sister in this way.

"Um...Rachana, this is stepmother and, this is Rhea, my stepsister" Avni tried to take control of the situation.

"Wait! I've seen you somewhere" rhea said as she watched Rachana with narrowed eyes. And then she remembered. "Of course!" she gasped as she looked at Rachana. "You are Rachana khanna Gupta! Wife of Aakash Gupta, the owner of Gupta refineries. And these must surely be your sisters. Of course yes!" She pointed at Pinky. "You are Rachita khanna Jain, the famous fashion designer. And your husband is Kunal Jain, owner of Jain Enterprises" Her voice got sweeter. "You are definitely Anjali Khanna Mehra and Ankita Raichand Agarwal. Your husbands have their own import and export companies." Lastly, her eyes fell on Mrs. Khanna and she nearly goggled. "And of course, Mrs. Asha Khanna, wife of Mr. Rajan Khanna." She looked at Avni and the hatred was back at once. "How is it that someone like you knows them?" she asked insultingly

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