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"Well which is then?" she said seriously, placing her hands on her hips. She stood in front of the massive wall filled top to bottom with all sorts of weapons and armor.

"Roslyn, do you really want to practice in that? "He said pointing at her dress. "I mean, won't you get it dirty?"

Roslyn gasped and clasped her hand at her mouth, and replied "What! Oh no! I had nearly forgotten that I was pounds wearing a dress and nearly twenty pounds of undergarments that I trip on every FIVE seconds!"

Gavriel just stood there shaking his head as he watched her peruse the weaponry. He would have turned and left after that last remark if she wasn't his best friend. Over the years he'd developed a pretty thick skin due to her sarcasm which thankfully was only bitingly rude when she was angry. Normally, she was actually pretty fun to be around and since she was the only person in the castle around his age, they were destined to become acquaintances. It was nice though that she had become his very best friend and confidant and of course her-

And 3...2...1...I knew she was going to pick that one.

He rolled his eyes and was about to try to get her to pick another but she had already with one quick movement gracefully slid it out of sheath.

Why must she always do this? He breathed out exasperated at her utter rebelliousness.

The Longsword was much too much for her small stature. In fact she looked like a child next to it. She had no problem handling the large weapon but she would spend hours after swordplay dipping her wrists in cold water to quell the swelling. He hated seeing her do that to herself. She didn't have to prove anything to him. Not ever.

"Are you sure you don't want to practice with a sabre or the anelace?" He said breathing out a long sigh.

"No, thank you," she said swinging the sword such that it nearly missed his nose.

"Hey be careful! This is not a joke. That is a weapon you are handling. You know that weapon is used for-"

"Harming ruthless individuals, yes I know." She said winking at him.

Annoyed, he shook his head and walked toward the weapons wall and selected another longsword and gently removed it from its sheath eyeing it as it sparkled.

Roslyn noticed his face turn very serious and watched as a smirk formed across his face.

"Are you ready for a duel my lady?" He said deviously. "I promise I won't hurt you, much."

His smirk and villainous tone sent Roslyn into a state. She drew her sword and launched forward slicing the air with broad strokes. Gavriel was ready for her though. Each time she'd offend pushing him backward he would defend sending her at least four steps back catching her skirts. They carried on like this until both were sodden from sweat and plain determination. Finally, their swords caught and Gavriel, clearly the stronger of the two began pushing her own sword down toward her neck. With both hands wrapped around the hilt she tried to push back, her face grimacing. Her sword point was now at her neck and she could feel the cold metal down her chest.

Maybe he was right. I should have changed. This dress is very tight and one false move could...

Looking down at her, Gavriel could see her chest rising and falling under the sword. Slowly he bent down and his lips brushed her ear.

"Mercy, my Lady?" He whispered as a smile tugged at the left side of his mouth.

He purposefully breathed in only slightly so that she wouldn't notice. She smells wonderful. He thought. At that his heart danced but only briefly until he felt her trying desperately to push back.

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