Chapter 46: Make Up For Lost Time

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The door burst open, startling Aderyn awake. She hadn't realised she'd fallen asleep to begin with.

The ground was hard and cold, and between the four of them squished into the one cell, last night had been more than restless. She was exhausted, and miserable, surrounded by a group of people who were barely holding their tempers together.

They'd nearly been stuck in this place for three days! With no word from the outside, nor even when their hearing would arrive.

Ryn didn't like to feel caged. Every ounce of her was screaming to escape, even though she knew it would only get her, and her team, into more trouble than it was worth.

She subconsciously fingered the bandage around her calf, a barely noticeable ache remaing from where the metal fiend had attacked her.

Who knows what the Silver Scorpion was doing while they were locked away by the good authorities. He could be burning down buildings or sending his army of Blanks to terrorise shopping centers or.... Anything! And she hated the helplessness that came with being on this side of the bars.

Glancing up, she watched as officer Lawton strode in, his face a poorly-concealed layer of displeasure. He glared at them all, levelly, as he spoke.

'The hearing's been dropped. You're all free to go.'

Almost instantly, Darcy was on his feet.


The others similarly stirred, their restlessness transforming into a hopeful sort of energy. Ryn held her breath, her wings twitching eagerly from behind her.

'The Mayor called in about an hour ago. He's organised for your bail.'

Ryn felt hope soar through her, her lips parting into a wide grin as she, too, jumped to her feet. She shared a delighted grin with Kiley, before glancing over her shoulder at Colt.

They hadn't heard anything from Quentin or Elliot since they were bailed out on Tuesday evening, but it appears they had a mission success. Colt's plan had worked. Again.

Several of them let out a cheer, mixed in with the others' sighs of relief. Elizabeth and Darcy even high-fived through the bars

'Right, listen here, you lot,' Lawton continued, in attempt to regain control of the rowdy group. 'You might see this as a form of freedom, but know this: We'll be watching you. Closely. If you even try to go back to your little acts of vigilantism, you'd better think twice. Because if we catch you interfering with our own enforcement, again, you'll all be straight back here, got it?'

'Got it,' Colt replied, one hand curling around the bars between his cell and the one Ryn stood in. 'When do we leave?'

'Mayor Wilson sent someone to pick you up,' Lawton explained. There was a faint growl to his voice, and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out that he didn't like this situation. 'They're outside waiting for you, now. But we are going to need to collect a couple of signatures before you go.'

'Pass me the pen!' Darcy all but exclaimed, gripping the bars in a mock-desperation. 'If I spend another minute in here, I think I might perish.'

The door opened, and a collection of other officers filed in, one of them carrying a set of keys. They began to unlock the cells, starting with the one holding the guys.

'Don't try anything funny, these men are armed,' Lawton warned, his gaze landing pointedly on Colt.

The young man raised an eyebrow, but he said nothing in reply.

The moment Ryn took a step outside of her own cell, trailing behind the other three, she felt as though she'd just taken her first sip of fresh air, after nearly drowning for three days straight. She let her wings fan out in a stretch. They hadn't even left the room yet, but already the sense of freedom was euphoric.

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