Part 3 - Interlude

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When Queen Althaea fell pregnant, she was over the moon,

Her husband, the crowned King Oeneus threw an extravagant ball to celebrate in hope to be gifted with a silver spoon,

They feasted until the early hours, everyone dressed rather fancy,

Months now passed, she had an easy and happy pregnancy,

The evening she gave birth was difficult, but the joyous baby boy was born,

Oeneus held the boy and they looked lovingly at their child; A faint blow from a yew wood horn,

A knock on the door, 'Enter' Althaea said faintly,

Three women entered quaintly,

The Fates, daughters of Zeus and Themis, had graced their company,

All three daughters then said in harmony...

'May your son live long and happy, but the cursed log burning in the rooms fire shall be his life force, may they be coterminous, as the bark turns to ashes, so shall his body',

In a flash, they left rather oddly,

Althaea threw the log from the fire and doused it with water,

A damp mess lay there, she called the servant porter,

Althaea and Oeneus hid the log in a recess of the dungeon wall; he patched it up with bricks and mortar,

There the damp log sat and decades would pass,

The life of the boy saved; Meleager would grow to become a noble man full of bravery and class,

But what the fates forgot to mention was that when two strings were to be cut too soon, cut by their boys own hand,

His string would too get cut, for that was what the gods had planned.

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