'I'm cold'

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Zak got woken up at night with a thunderstorm, and a very loud thunder.
Zak squeaked in Surprise and hid his head under the blanket.

Darryl was woken up by Zak's squeak and looked down, noticing Zak was covered in the blanket.

"You alright?" He asked.
"Y-yeah I just don't like thunderstorms.." Zak replied with.
Darryl hugged him from the back to make him feel a bit more comfortable.

"T-thanks.." Zak said, getting a bit more comfortable.
"No problem muffin." Darryl said before sleeping again.
They had a good rest of the night.
At around 9:17, Zak woke up.
"Wake uuuuppp..." Zak said, trying to wake Darryl up.


So he tried moving.


"Darryl wake uuup!" He squealed.


"This has no point he's sleeping like a log." Zak said out loud.

"...Just let me sleep you early-muffin.." Darryl said.
"I can't move, I can't do anything." Zak said.
"..Then sleeeeeeeeeppp...." Darryl said.

"Fineeee..." Zak said, falling asleep quickly again.

They both slept for a while again.

Darryl then woke up at around 10:02.
He noticed Zak was panda hugging him again, and he was drooling, he must have had a dream about food, or something else. (If Y'know what I mean 😜)

Darryl tried moving somewhere, he couldn't move.
"Hey Muffin, wake up." Darryl said, waiting for Zak to wake up.
"Mhhhh...??" Zak was waking up, with very messy hair and drool coming out of his mouth.
"Mwehh.. r-righttt.." Zak said. He stopped hugging Darryl and got up from the bed.
He went to his room to find some clothes, he looked literally everywhere for some warm clothes since it was raining outside and it was cold.

Zak eventually found a sweater, a beanie and some trousers.

Zak changed into the clothes and walked to the kitchen, Darryl was already in the kitchen making some pancakes because it was very cold outside.

After eating breakfast, Zak went to his room to make a video with a blanket around himself.

After making the video Darryl went to Zak's room and peeked his head thru the door. "Hey, wanna go to a Café nearby?"

"Isn't it raining though?" Zak said/asked Darryl.
"I mean, umbrellas exist right?" Darryl said.
"I don't think I have one with me right now and I don't wanna search." Zak replied with.

"We can both be under my umbrella I guess?" Darryl said, tilting his head a little.

"Yeah, sure."" Zak said, getting up.

They both went outside under Darryl's umbrella, on their way to the Café.

They both went outside under Darryl's umbrella, on their way to the Café

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