~Chapter 6~

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**Not the most eventful chapter, but I thought I needed it. I'm not going to show every day of school though, don't worry. Next chapter will either have the dance or atleast be the day before the dance, to speed things up. Hope you like it!**

Thaila's POV

Seeing Sam and Chandler almost kissing was a shock, to say the least. On one hand, I think it's cute because I think they make a good couple. And they are going to the dance together. But, technically, they're not "dating".

Anyway, on the other hand, I was just plain surprised, because like I said in my reply text, he barely knows her.

I do admit though, that if I had been almost kissing a guy for the first time and someone interrupted me by announcing it loudly, I would've been pretty ticked off. But I didn't mean too. I just...said it. Out of shock and surprise. I feel bad, because now they're not talking. I hope I didn't ruin their friendship or anything.

But when I saw them like that, I couldn't help thinking of Jason. I'm a year older than Sam and Chandler, because my birthday is in October and you need to be five to get into kindergarten. And school starts in August, so I was technically still four and had to wait the whole year.

Anyway, so last year in six grade (when I was supposed to be in seventh), I met this seventh grader, Jason Morales, and we started dating. He was so funny and easy to talk to. I really liked him. I think I even thought I loved him. He moved a little too fast, though. Less than a week after we started going out, he tried to kiss me. At first I was a little taken aback, but then I thought, if we're going to be together forever, than why not kiss? So we did, and I was really happy. We kissed everyday for the next two or three days. And then he broke up with me. He said he didn't really know me, that we shouldn't have "gone too fast". Even though I'm pretty sure he knew he'd been the one to start the kissing, he left me. I was pretty upset.

Chandler and I, we look out for each other. I didn't want him getting heartbroken if Sam just left him after the dance. It was a blind date after all. Maybe she was just pretending so they could go to the dance and then she'd say there was no spark, or something. I'm not saying anything bad about Sam, just that I don't know her all that well, either. And who knows? People sometimes aren't what they seem.


Samantha didn't really talk in first period. She only opened her mouth to answer the teachers' questions. I was feeling pretty guilty. I decided to talk to her at her locker after class.

Mr. Swartzbaugh showed us a video he'd taped on Animal Planet the night before at home, called "Kingdom of the Forest". It was all about plants and animals in the forest ecosystem and their adaptations and such. Mr. S loves showing us videos. He thinks it helps us learn better.

We couldn't watch it all, since it was over and hour long. The bell rang and we all gathered our stuff.

"Okay, we'll watch the rest tomorrow!" he called us everyone stampeded toward the door. I walked the few feet to the right to Sam's locker. She was kneeling down, putting in her combination. I waited, not wanting to break her concentration. Sam tugged on the lever but it wouldn't open. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she put in her numbers again and tried the lever. Her locker swung open.

"Hey, Sam," I said. She jumped, turned to see who it was, and then looked down. She took her science textbook and notebook out of her backpack, putting them in the locker. She switched it with her math textbook and binder.

I sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry. It's just-" I began. Sam closed her locker and got up, her hair falling across her face. She didn't make a move to fix it.

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