healing and courting, not an easy feat

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I woke with a dull ache in my back and the raven-haired prince had vanished, across from me Rosie slept and my wings had seemingly refurled into my back overnight. I turned my head to see fresh bandages over my lower back and my hands also had the same. The pain was dull and felt like a mere cramp or tense muscle now which relieved me significantly. It then suddenly hit me that Loki was to be courting tonight! I hurriedly dropped out of the sheets and warmth of my bed and wobbled slightly at the sudden task. But I made it over to Rosie and shook her shoulders and she grunted "what?" she mumbled drowsily and I chuckled slightly. 

Her eyes then widened as she shot up and gripped my forearms "your okay?" she asked hurriedly and shocked and I nodded "I'm okay" I confirmed with a smile and she sighed in relief her shoulders relaxing. "you must ask prince Loki if he needs any tasks attended to, I will see to Vilo about tonights plans for the princes courting arrangments" I said trying not to grit my teeth knowing I needed to speak with Vilo about the layout of the throne room as that is where the ball would be held. 

"You cant! you know what she has done!" she yelped and I sighed "Rosie, it was my punishment that rose-" she cut me off "the rose?! that's what that was about!?" she snapped. "Rosie, listened it matters not now, my punishment was fulfilled it is important we prepare the ball for the royal family, we are maids now and its a responsibility to attend to the royals in the palace" I said and she looked at me with a furrowed brow. "fine but I will be talking to Vilo" she said stubbornly and I sighed rubbing a hand over my face "fine, fine, what happened last night anyway? I don't remember much I must have passed out" I said. She sighed and we both went and grabbed our garments and fixed our hair as we talked "prince Loki came in and used the gel on your back, after you yelled out in pain he whispered something and you fell asleep instantly he finished applying the gel and bandaged your hands and back not allowing me to step in, he sure seemed as though he knew what he was doing.. he even told me to tell you to go easy on things and to rest" she said and my eyes went wide for a few moments.

The prince had helped me a maid, and he took over to help apply the gel to my back which explained why it wasn't burning any longer. It must have been high quality for the prince's request which explained the healing process speeding up. "he sure seems fond of you..." Rosie teased with a smirk and I glared "Rosie you forget our place, he is a prince we are maids nothing more" I said firmly and she snorted "of course my apprentice" she mocked teasingly and we both burst into giggles. 

It wasn't long before we had both finished up it was early morning as usual and we both parted ways. I headed silently down the halls my shoes tapping lightly on the marble floors as the golden rays shone through the top windows touching the ceiling of the side of the walls. I gently knocked on the prince's door after nodding to a guard in his stance. It brought me briefly to the thought of my brother but it quickly vanished as shuffling was heard on the other side of the door and it swung open to reveal a bed-headed Prince. His hair stuck out in different places as he was now bare-chested and wore black pants and he groggily rubbed his eye with the back of his hand his dark brows furrowing. "come in" he said regaining composure and stepping aside to watch the small maid step into the room her hands clasped together wrapped in white bandages. 

"How are you feeling?" he asked, truth be told Rosie had fallen asleep that night and he had stayed with Megan admiring the little maid as she slept and he bandaged her hands gently. he was pleased to see she was doing better now especially because of the special requested cream that healed her much quicker. She tended to his bedsheets as she spoke "much better thank you my prince" she said with a smile as her small fingers nimbly worked the silk fabric. 

Loki was a bit taken aback by the praise, he did not often receive it and the small maid before him tempted him to ask more questions. "what of your wings?" he teased noticing that they had, of course, vanished from view, he noticed her stiffen and oddly he regretted his choice of words "I know not of what you speak of my prince" she lied. He strode over quickly and took her wrists in both his hands clamping them like vices at her sides "do not lie to me" he hissed fed up with her words as she fluttered around the questions he asked. His brows furrowed as he studied her features as they contorted in pain and he looked down to see crimson seeping through the bandages. She had a few cuts from the work in the dungeons, she had caught her wrist on a step a couple of times and his grip had opened those wounds. he instantly let go after noticing and she pulled her wrists up to her chest cradling them and he felt regretful.

he reached out but she flinched and he felt hurt, he had just broken what little trust he had formed with her all because of his temper. he was fuming but not at the little maid before him rather at himself and his cowardess emotions as he described them. With that, he turned on his heel and stalked out of this chambers heading for the library leaving Megan confused and dazed at what had just transpired. But nonetheless, she continued to dust, wipe and straighten any area she could in his room.

The moment of cleaning, however, was short-lived as the time rolled around to late noon preparation for the ball where the princes would be to court on Odin's demand. Women from multiple realms were to attend to the ball and the princes were to captures one's heart. However Prince Loki was nowhere in sight, Megan frowned as she needed to be preparing him so that he was ready for the ball. So she set off to find him, at first she considered the normal places, feasting hall, training grounds, perhaps he was busy with his mother? she wasn't sure but eventually, she stumbled across the library and knocked gently. When no one answered she took it upon herself to silently enter.

Perhaps the raven-haired prince preferred privacy? her dainty steps echoed throughout the bookshelves stacked in the thousands of knowledge and literature. She would kill just to snuggle up with a book in her palms and a fire blazing but a voice startled her out of her daydreaming "What do you want?" the prince snapped from a desk not too far ahead of her. She stilled and hung her head clasping her hands together, she had a twinge of fear at his outburst but did her best to put it behind her. "Prince Loki, you are to attend the ball this night for the courting of woman your presence was requested by the all-father," She said softly and Loki sighed and stood up. He walked briskly past her and she followed him out of the doors and back to his chambers. 

When they reached his room she collected his freshly cleaned armor and began to dress him his pants were already on and she mentally breathed a sigh of relief for that. He held his arms out and kept a cold face as she gently unbuttoned his tunic and removed the shirt from his upper body. He noticed how she sucked in a slight breath but quickly looked away and he fought to keep the smirk off of his features. It appeared the small maid in front of him had indeed taken some interest toward him. 

She gently took the armor and fresh tunic between her fingers placing it over his head and straightening out the fabric. Loki watched as her fingers neatly straightened and readjusted the different parts and decided to tease her. He had two shoulder plates of armor on each shoulder and after she straightened one on one side he would use his magic to tip the opposite one so she would need to dart over and readjust it then he did it with the other side and back and forth. This leads her to pace and huff angrily muttering to herself as she angrily straightened out the metal so it sat in place. Eventually, he couldn't contain his chuckle and she glared at him finally linking it together. "if you think ti's so funny to tease while I attempt to get you presentable I would like to see you try being a maid" she snapped and then instantly shut her mouth as his eyes widened. She clasped a hand over her lips as realization kicked her hard, she had just snapped at a prince! 

But she hadn't expected the reaction she got, he rose and eyebrow and smirked "quite the attitude for a small maid I must say" he jested and her cheeks burned with embarrassment. "my apologies Prince Loki for I did not intend to be so careless with my words" she muttered softly looking to the floor. "you are not careless, you simply reacted" He said and she looked up in shock, so that's what he was after, a reaction. she thought

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