the stubborn man does not lack his kindness and sympathy

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"I suggest you tell me the truth next time or a punishment will follow" The raven-haired prince spoke firmly his hands tucked behind his back as he glanced at me before opening his chamber doors. "y-yes my prince" I stuttered out, he had so easily picked up on my lie but I suppose I was ignorant as of to not think he would. I hated the punishments and a shiver ran down my spine at the thought. He nodded once to me his emerald and blue mixed eyes crashing like tidal waves as they looked into my mint toned ones in thought. "you are dismissed" he said and with that opened the doors of his chamber and entered closing them swiftly behind him. 

As soon as he was out of sight I hobbled or attempted to run down back to my shared chambers with Rosie. I was desperate to rip this corset off of my back and throw it into a fireplace but of course, I couldn't complete half of that task. The pain was still flaring and my hands looked no better some of the skin on my knuckles had split slighted causing a slight smear of blood where I had rubbed them together nervously while walking behind the prince.

It wasn't long before I reached our chambers and saw Rosie on her bed writing quietly a note of sorts. She looked up and instantly stood dropping her pen and book "Megan! whats happened?" She asked worriedly taking my hands in hers as she rushed over. I panted and leaned in falling into her chest tiredly "this corset, is killing me" I huffed out a tiny hint of humor but I was mostly pain. She quickly directed me to my bed and sat me down. Crawling on her knees behind me she began to unthread my corset, she gasped putting a hand to her mouth as I breathed out in relief.

instantly she got up and placed her hands on her hips like a mother scolding her child, "what happened?" she demanded "Vilo" I mumbled fiddling with my dried bloodied fingers. Rosie frowned "wait here then" she said and darted off to our bathroom bringing back a cloth with warm water soaked into it. "lay down" she said softly and I did I laid on my stomach splayed across the bed the back off my maids dress and corset open as she tended to the burning wounds. I cried out in agony as the water touched the first mark "Sh sh sh! you will wake all of Asgard!" she scolded but looked around before rolling up a nightgown of hers and passed it to me. I looked up at her and frowned "just use it" she sighed and I scoffed but placed it in between my mouth and bit hard.

Then it all went terribly bad. The magic side of Megan began to react to the pain as it crawled up her back setting off a trigger for a partial shift. Before she could move or jolt two brown feather wings sprung from her back, Rosie stood back and stumbled her eyes wide in shock and her mouth agape. Megan looked over her shoulder to her back and sighed her shoulders sagging into the bedsheets "shit" she mumbled into the pillow "w-what-?" Rosie couldn't believe her eyes. "Rosie, ROSIE! look at me, you can tell no one of this" Megan pleaded and Rosie's eyes darted from Megans to the wings twitching on her back, they were large and elegant and each feather overlapped one another in a shade of brown. "ROSIE!" Megan yelled snapping Rosie's attention back to her "if they find out I have this magic I will be beheaded" Megan said her eyes pleading and begging for any sign of promise.

Rosie was taken aback but thought over her options, if she tells Odin of Megan's secret not only will Megan be beheaded but so will she. Odin will assume Rosie was keeping a secret from him no doubt and would banish her or execute her. She was stiff but then agreed "alright, I won't tell" Rosie admitted, she knew Megan had no bad intentions and couldn't bear the thought of her execution all because of Rosies own big mouth. Megan didn't know how far she could trust Rosie but it would have to do for now. She couldn't bear anyone else finding out the truth, her job was to be a maid and nothing more nothing less. Her mother taught her to keep a firm grip. for this job and so she shall.

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