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I lounged casually upon a park bench shadowed beneath a pink cherry blossom tree. I sat and watched as a lanky and quite unattractive man attempted to flirt with a tall brunette. I watched as the human would slowly try to 'make a move', but would fail easily. I silently chuckled as the brunette female would look around and slowly start to shuffle away from the creep.

I averted my eyes from the wreckage sight to a much more pleasant one of two young girls playing on swings in their frilly outfits. I watched as the mother would run frantically to the small children if they fell off. I was amused by all of the actions of the weak human people. I searched for entertainment otherwise and found myself staring at a young couple as they shared kisses. I thought of how much I longed for a partner like that. I studied as whenever the girl would move slightly, the boy would move along with her as if he was a mere lost pup. I subconsciously fixed my long blond hair as I felt the familiar eyes of my friend approaching.

"Sebastion." I greeted without a glance.

"Melanie-" he nodded in response."why are you waisting time and energy watching these poor excuses of a race?" he question.

"I was bored and was looking for a source of some entertainment. Was it not so obvious?"

"Whatever, why don't we head home since it seems it's going to rain soon. We wouldn't want to make Kora any more angry." he insisted.

"I'd rather have a quick bite to eat first." I stated as I watched the young couple slowly walk into the forest.

"Suit yourself, would you like an assistance of company?" he asked.

"I'm feeling rather greedy today, maybe next time old friend?"

"I insist on not interfering with your prey, but only with my own." he cleared.

" I see, well just don't get in my way. I'm quite hungry and have been anticipating a kill for some time now."

"Well, then let us go and hunt us up some nice, rare meat upon our hands?" he offered.

Without answering we both sauntered towards the dark forest where the couple walked into.

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