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Hey guys ! This time it's your turn to answer my questions. I know that you had asked some questions to the characters in the last chappy.
Their answers will be soon posted in the next chapter. As of now, you have to answer my questions. Again the same thing that guys please do the inline commenting.

Q1. Since when are you reading my book ? You can tell me the approximate chapter no.

Q2. How did you find my book ?

Q3.Which is your most favorite part of the book ?

Q4. One part or scene of the book which you want to delete or you can say that you hate ?

Q5. I am giving you one words. Write the characters whom do you think deserve these tags.

a. Devil
b. Miss Chirpy
c. Selfish
d. Kind
e. Sacrificing God/ Goddess
f. Hilarious

Q6. The character whom you dislike the most.

Q7. Your Favourite character. The team in which I welcomed you in.

3. Ananya
4. Vanya
5. Samarth
6. Shailaija
7. Anna

Q8. If you ever get a chance to play a character of this story then who will it be. ( You can answer irrespective of the gender. )

Q9. Your favourite couple.
a. Ayesha and Neil.
b. Ananya and Samarth.
c. Abhay and Vanya . ( Okk.. I know that this one is coming soon )
d. Anna and Rishav.

Q10. On the scale of 1 - 10, how much would you like to rate Lovingly Yours ? Any written review is also welcome.

I hope that this one was fun. I will try to reply each and every comment of you people. As of now, bye... 👋

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