Darren Huston: Fifth Of Room Nights On Booking.Com Go To Business Travellers

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President and CEO of The Priceline Group, Darren Huston, says there is no negative impact on the company's financial performance as a result of allowing bookings to take place on TripAdvisor, rather than on the mothership.

Bookings via TripAdvisor as a percentage of the overall pie are in the "low single-digits", Huston says.

Nevertheless, Huston adds that the branding that Priceline Group-run companies get on TripAdvisor is "great", and that in the US this may have helped raise the profile of Booking.com, where traditionally Priceline has been the better known brand.

Overall, Priceline Group says gross travel bookings increased by 12.67% to $12 billion in the last quarter of 2015.

For the full year, gross bookings increased by 10% to $55.5 billion.

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