Stunned and fainted

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Valentina POV
I am driving the car more than the limited speed, I don't care if I get the ticket also. Why is baby crying, Is she crying because of me. Did I said something wrong when she stopped me. I came near the coffee shop but I really doesn't have guts to go in then I messaged lucho

Valentina: I am here but where is she?
Lucho: She is here at the reception.
Valentina: But you said she is crying?
Lucho: She was Now, she is just sad
Valentina: Okay now I am coming

What can I do now to make her smile by thinking this I came near the entrance then saw lucho talking with her sister
Lucho: You came Val
Kristen: Okay now lucho I am going to Julie. She is calling me.Hi Valentina.
Valentina: Hi Kristen
She left from there and then I saw Baby. She is taking the orders at the reception then I went to order without talking with lucho. I went near the table then she said
Juliana : Here you won't get cigarettes and smoking zone.
Valentina: oh baby I came to order the coffee but you don't want to take it. I can go to other place
Juliana: Ohh Wait you can order coffee but you can't call me baby
Valentina: Sure Baby
Juliana: You are doing that again
Valentina: I want to order Iced latte
Juliana: Choco or Mocoa
Valentina: Always Choco Baby
After I called her baby, I saw a different expression on her face. I don't want to think that as irritating expression but for you guys I am saying it she is getting irritated by me
Juliana: Small,medium or big
Valentina: Medium
Juliana: You're drinking here or else to go
Valentina: I am drinking here baby, take your own time.
She gave me the bill and said to wait for sometime at the table. I kept looking at her then suddenly I felt someone called me then I saw lucho is sitting beside me
Lucho: You are staring at her like. You are going to eat her
Valentina: Shut up lucho, she is feeling good now
Lucho: kris said to me that you meet Julie in the college. What did you said?
Valentina: I said nothing, she scolded me not to smoke cigarettes.
Lucho: What have you done then?
Valentina: Nothing just I left from there and had my cigarette
Lucho: She is coming to give your coffee.
I saw her coming near me and the only thing I think about is, how can be so beautiful like this all the time?
Juliana: Here take this and have it
Valentina: I thought here it is self service
Juliana: Yeah it is But i got it for you, now take this and have it.
Valentina: Thank you baby
She kept there and left then suddenly I felt that my sugar level is dropping then I wanted to say something but I am fainted.
I don't know after how much time but, I was sleeping. I think my head is in someone's lap, to see who that is? I just lifted my head then there she is Baby.

I hope you guys all love it, thank you for reading. I want more views on the chapters

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