Sex Slave (2)

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A girl named Sam

Part 2

-------------------------- 1 month later ----------------------------------

"Hey Karla are u ready?" Sam asked as she was putting on her stiletto heels on.

"Yeah i am this night is going to be so fun!" Karla sayd seductively.

"I am so excited!" I sayd with a fake smile on my face. I knew what I was going into. I know the consequences... and I know if all else goes wrong i can end up dead.

I looked in the mirror that showed my whole outfit from head to toe. My hair was in messed up curls that landed softly on my lower back. I wore a short black dress with no straps and the dress went down barely covering my butt. Undrneath i wore my favoritepush up black bra and my red thong. Then i wore my 5 inch stiletto heels that made me look 6 inches taller. I am not very tall ony 5'1. I have a small nose and dark brown eyes.

"Sam you ready?" My boss Bob told me looking at me from head to toe.

"Uhh yup ready." I sayd a little disgusted. I sayd bye to karla for the last time and i knew the life ahead of me will change me forever.

"Okay good, now remember pretend you know what you are doing and do whatever they ask you to. Okay?" Bob asked me and Karla we were the last up all of the other girls went with their new masters home.

"Yup." Me and karla sayd in unison. And we were off to the stage where all of the men eye raped us looking up and down.

"And last up are my girls Sam and Karla!" Bob say into the microphone so all the men can hear.

A short musky man came up and ordered us to turn around. Me and Karla twirled for the men.

"Show me your pussy." The man ordered us. Me and Karla looked at each other and lifted our dresses and took off our thongs so we can show the men our insides.

"I'll take the one on the right!" The man told Bob. We both put our clothes back on and Karla walked with the man to wherever he was going.

"I'll take the last girl." A man shouted from the crowd.I couldn't see who he wasbut his voice was so sexy.

"And that concludeds tonights sellings." Bob said into the microphone.Then everyone got up and started leaving.

To be continued.......

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