African Love-Chapter 25/Epilogue

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Chapter 25/Epilogue

It's been 6 months since I've talked to Tristan and Rachel, or matter of fact everyone. I've just been really busy trying to keep my grades up because I'll be graduating soon and they said if I don't focus I won't be able to graduate. So, 6 months ago I called everyone and told them that I will not be able to talk to them or have any contact with them until I'm done with school.

I still have the picture Tristan gave me and I look at it every night before I go to bed, just to make sure I don't forget who they are.

I was sitting at my desk when Mindy came in.

"Hey, do you want to go out with me and Jason. We're going to play some football with the little kids?"

"I'll be there in a sec I just have to finish up this paper, see you in 5?"

"Yea alright see ya!"

I finish up the last section of my paper and head out the door. Before I am able to leave my consolar came out and she pulled me to the side.

"Hey may I talk to you for a sec?"

"Yea go ahead!"

"Well your grades are improving and your speaking is coming along well. You know you will be graduating in a couple of weeks now and I wanted to give you your present early."

"OK, thanks!" she hands me an envelope and tells me to open it in front of her

I open it and see a plane one-way plane ticket to L.A.

"What's this for?" I said trying not to look to excited

"Well we found a wonderful family who would like you to be apart of their family"


Before she could answer Rachel came from behind the door

"Ahhhh!!!! Rachel what are you doing here!!!"

"I've come to pick up my new sister!"

I couldn't believe it. They actually adopted me, I'm not 18 yet but my birthday was coming really close and I was thinking I was going to spend my last year as a teen all by myself.

"We made an arrangement to have you stay in L.A. for good and you get to graduate with us!" Rachel said



"Well when do I leave, and how did you get here?"

"My parents are with me and we can leave whenever you want. I really missed you" She said as she hugged me

"I missed you too!"

I decided that I would leave in the morning, because I wanted to say m last goodbyes to Mindy and my other friends. Rachel and her parents played some football with us and we all had dinner together. We then said our good nights and headed off to bed.

"Does Tristan know that I'm coming down"

"Nope, I want it to surprise him for his graduation gift"

"But we don't even graduate until May"

"Well, we're going to have to hide you for a really long time"

We both laughed for a while and headed off to sleep.

The next morning I started packing for my new home, with my best friend in the whole world, who just so happens to be my new sister.

After I'm done I head to the front door, Rachel is waiting for me and we head out. I say bye to my consular and my friends and go to the car, on our way to the airport.

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