A Late Night Stroll

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Chapter 11

Harry's Perspective

It was now the afternoon and Niall and I headed out towards the field for our afternoon fitness class. We quite enjoyed this class actually, always had a good laugh, and gave us a nice break away from all the classrooms and textbooks. The only downside now was facing Louis for the first time since he completely threatened me.

"Maybe he won't make it awkward," Niall suggests as we get near the group of boys already changed into their gear along the field.

"I know for a fact he's going to make it awkward, you know why?" I ask him.

"No I don't know why." He turns to me with annoyance.

"Because he's a selfish asshole who uses his privilege to only better himself." I was frustrated. Emilia looked absolutely disgusted with me in the cafeteria today, and now I was forced to stay away for the sake of finishing my education. If only my dad could see this predicament now, I'm not sure what he'd say.

"Can I get Stevens, Martins, Oliver, Tomlinson, Davies, Anderson, and Bailey over here, you boys will be red jerseys, pick your goalie, captain, and be ready on the field in five!" Coach shouts to them. I completely avoid their direction feeling betrayed by the boy I thought was my friend.

"Right now, blue jerseys will be, Baker, Horan, Cook, Dixon, Styles, Elliot, and Graham. Pick your goalie and captain and be ready in five boys." He nods towards us heading to grab the equipment.

"Well I say we put Cook in the goal he's a sure thing, quick feet and hands, anyone disagree?" Niall asks the group of us as we grab our jerseys to change.

"For captain I say Styles." He says grinning towards me.

"What? Why me?" I ask not really feeling the captain idea at the moment.

"Harry you're the best one on the field today, I know it, they know it, and even you know it. So would you stop acting liking an injured lamb and start acting like our captain?" he says looking around to everyone then at me.

I turn looking around our huddle at the boys unsure, "You sure you boys want me leading us out there today?" I question them.

They all nod to me leaving me taking a deep breath feeling anxious. "Well then what do you say we show those boys how to really play?" I smirk towards them before putting my hand in the circle again to fist bump them.

The whistle blows signaling for us to head to our positions. I was playing central midfielder, Niall attacking midfielder. As we take our places Louis was opposite to us playing defensive midfielder.

I was jogging in place, stretching my arms and legs quickly trying to loosen up before we started.

"Well hello to you too Styles," I look up to see Louis smirking as he took his position on the field.

"Save your bullshit I have had enough of it," I say rolling my eyes and continuing to stretch.

"Woahhh no need to be snappy Harry I was just trying to be cordial," he replies putting his hands up in defense.

"Don't worry about it, I don't expect anything from you these days." I say looking him in the eyes. "Just like I don't expect much from you out on the field today, you were always rubbish at soccer." I finish with a smirk.

"Alright you want to throw digs around Styles? Let's throw some names and see who's laughing at the end of this." He finishes trying to sound intimidating.

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