chapter eleven

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For the rest of the flight, I switched places with Isaac. I had to act like I was okay, but he surely figured something out. Nate and Madison were busy chatting about something when I got there so I just joined in the conversation. This was my best friends wedding, so I wasn't going to clash her with my problems. So I decided to wait until we get back home. I honestly fucked up so bad.

Cameron now thinks he has a shot with me. He doesn't!

But I couldn't just lie to him either. I do still love him. A part of my heart yearns for him, the love we had was painful yet beautiful and tenacious. This doesn't mean that I want to be with him. I can never, ever do that again. I almost have panic attacks just thinking about the memories.

I'm marrying Nate, and I'm going to stay with Nate.

My phone suddenly vibrates in my hoodie. It was an imessage from Isaac. I already know what it's about. Him and Cameron are kinda best friends, he's fully spilled the beans now.

So I've heard about what's happened. Wanna talk about it in private, later?

Cam's told you huh

He won't stop blabbering about it

He's quite happy.

I sighed reading the last two texts from him and put my phone away, but then it buzzes again.

Have my seat for the rest of the flight x

I then sighed in relief and thanked him.

For the sake of my best friends, I calmed myself down and let that stupid conversation go. It doesn't mean anything. I just cleared stuff up, that's all. I'm going to be happy, and I'm going to enjoy this wedding.

Cameron can fuck off.

A flight attendant came with some alcoholic beverages and I got myself some wine.

"You okay bubba?" Madison leans over and whispers.

"More than okay. I'm excited for this!" I tell her honestly, and clink my glass with hers. Her, Nate and myself began to chat about my wedding plans. Madison was giving all sorts of ideas to help with my ceremony. The chat went on, and switched between topics after topic - Hair colours, cake, aliens and also future plans.

I may have drank more than expected and fell asleep the entire flight.

When I woke up, Nate and Madison had taken about two thousand pictures on my phone - the childish brats. I laughed as I scrolled through each of them. I had to remember to delete these later so there's storage for photos of the wedding.

We were wheels down in one hour and I missed breakfast. I hadn't eaten anything since last nights dinner. Which was hours and hours ago now - the time zone is different in Hawaii and I find myself hungry.

I yawned and turned next to me. Madison was fast asleep on Nate's shoulder, and he was drooling on his own shirt. I chucked at the sight in awe, and then looked around. Most people on the flight were sleeping and the few that were awake were busy reading or on phones. Suddenly feeling the urge to pee, I decided I should pee and freshen up in the toilet. I peeked into the back of the plane to see if Cameron was asleep, and thankfully, he was. I didn't want to face him right now, because if he was up he'd say something bratty.

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