Teacher's Pest

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"Is Ravi in here?" I ask as Emma and I storm into Luke's room.

Emma and I found Kipling cuddling with Emma's shoes. I have no idea what is going on with Ravi and Kipling but it has to stop. Soon, she might invade my clothes and shoes and she might rip apart Penny the Pig.

"Mrs. Kipling is in my closet cuddling my faux lizard pumps." Emma explains. "Ravi you have to come get her."

"No, I am giving her her space." Ravi denied.

"No, you're giving her my space." Emma argues .

Ravi came up to us and starts to push us out of the the room. "Please sister and Jasmine, I need some "guy time" with my bro, doing "guy type" things."

He pushes out the door and shuts the door.

Emma and I share a look before rolling our eyes.


The following day, I was with Emma and Mrs. Kipling. The three of us spent the whole day together and now we were relaxing on the terrace together. Kipling wouldn't leave us alone so we decided to make the best out of it and try to get along with her.

The timer dinged and Emma and I removed the cucumbers from our eyes.

"Now see Mrs.K, isn't this more fun than hanging out with my shoes?" Emma asks the lizard that was beside us. Emma giggles. "What am I saying? Nothing is more fun than hanging out with my shoes."

I giggle with her and Mrs. Kipling chittered.

"I know." I beam when I noticed my pink toes and nails. "This pink color is supes cute! We'd lend it to you but that would be crazy."

"Yeah, you're more of an Autumn." Emma adds and I nod.

I checked the time in my phone and t was getting late. I still had to finish my science homework for tomorrow.

"It's getting late." I sigh.

"Yeah, we should go do some homework." Emma agrees with a pout.

We get up but Kipling wraps her tail around Emma and I, stopping us from leaving.

"Oh! You're right! An animal print belt would look great with this robe!" Emma chirps and I smile.

"I guess we can go shopping again." I say. "But only if you promise not to eat anymore mannequins."

This is weird. I never thought I would befriend a razor toothed lizard.


The next day, Emma and I walked into the kitchen to see Luke complaining to Bertram about Ravi

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The next day, Emma and I walked into the kitchen to see Luke complaining to Bertram about Ravi.

"So, you got to help me get Ravi out of my room! He won't stop cleaning!" Luke complains and I scoff.

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