Chapter 25

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A day later?! What is this?!
This won't completely explain last chapters "WTF JUDE?!" Moment but next will. This is from his view point so enjoy!

Jude's P.O.V

It was summer and I was at a camp. On one side of the lake was the boys camp and the other was the girls camp. We only ever saw the girls on "missions". The first time I met Layla I was in the woods. I was with my friends. We were collecting fire wood. "Jude there's dryer stuff over here!" My friend shouted on me. I ran over to him looking at the wood

"That should do" I said as i bent down to pick it up. I heard someone coming up behind me so I quickly turned around.

It was a bunch of girls "Hold it right there!" One said.

"What's up ladies" My friend Roan flirted. One of them started acting sensitive, timid and helpless. She said

"We have been looking for dry wood for hours! We aren't aloud to go back to the camp with out any. We even have to go across the river to this side. We had to break rules! so...could we have these?" Roan smiled. He was going to say yes but I butted in and said.

"Nice acting, but no" I burst out laughing at the girl and she looked shocked.

"How did you-"

"Wait up!" A girl came behind them. She had blonde hair which was in bunches. She wore the girls camp outfit but part of her shirt was ripped. She was quite pretty, but I didn't admit it.

"Layla, where have you been?" The girl asked.

"sorry! I got attached to a tree" She showed them the rip in her top and they all laughed. She turned red with embarrassment. Suddenly she noticed us and asked "Who are you people?" I lifted up the wood and replied

"Just campers" My friends smirked and walked off with me. All that night I couldn't stop thinking about that girl, Layla.

The next day we were called to the campfire. We all stood in a mix. We weren't very organised. One of the leaders stood on top of the hay stack. "Alright boys today we will be working with the other camp!" There was whistling and cheering. It was silented by the horn of a bus. It was from the girls camp. It pulled up next to us and the girls neatly came out of it. Each of them got into groups and lined up, in straight lines, next to us. Their leader stood next to the hay stack. "Alright, we will be putting you into teams of four. Two boys and two girls" On the board your teams are written down, Please in a-" All the boys ran to the board. "ORDERLY FASHION BOYS!" She shouted. It didn't stop us. The girls were dissmissed by her and came over behind us.

"Jude I'm with you!" Roan said coming over to me.

"who else are we with" He shook his head and continued

"No idea, however our group has to meet in front of cabin C" We both got out of the swarm of people and headed that way.

There was two girls already there. It was Layla and the girl from yesterday. "Ladies" Roan smoothly said.

"Introductions the girl instructed.

"My names Roan, The pleasure is yours" The girl tutted and said.

"My names Liko, call me Li"

"I'm Jude" I said rubbing the back of my neck.

"I'm Layla, it's nice to meet you" Her hair was down today. She looked so pretty.

"Layla! What are you doing?!" Li said facing her "Put your hair up! If madame Jolan sees you, your dead!" Layla sighed and tied it in a pony tail. It was messy but she suited it. "Lets go then"

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