Chapter 49

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Almost at Chapter 50. Wow. First book ever to get this far.

If I'm being honest I didn't think I'd make it this far.

Oh well.



~~few weeks later~~

Romelle wondered around the house interacting with a few of Keith's friends and family members.

You see, today was the day that everyone would finally find out the gender of Matt and Hailey's baby.

"Thank you." Matt said to Lance as he placed balloons in the corner.

"So." Lance said. "Do I get to know the gender of the baby or do I have to wait a little more?"

"If you promise not to tell anyone, I'll tell you now." Matt said looking around.

"I promise." Lance smiled.

Matt leaned over and whispered in Lance's ear.

Lance let out a gasp.

"How's your back?" Hailey's mom asked.

"Sore as hell." Hailey said rubbing her stomach.

"That's what pregnancy does." Krolia said from beside her.

"Hey Hailey?" Keith questioned.

"Yeah?" Hailey asked.

"Do you have any pickles and icing?"

"In the kitchen." Hailey replied. "Pickles are in the fridge and then the cupboard beside the fridge is the icing. You're going to share right?"

Keith hesitated before nodding. "Sure."

Krolia and Hailey's mom shared a look before shaking their heads.

"Pregnancy cravings." Debbie, Hailey's mom said.

"Weird things they are." Krolia laughed.

"Dada!" Georgia screamed.

The ones who were in the room turned towards the baby who was on her feet playing with a balloon.

Keith appeared from the kitchen and took a seat next to Hailey.

"She does that a lot. I like to think she's yelling at Lance." Keith said shrugging as he dipped the pickle in the icing and took a bite.

"That is seriously disgusting." Pidge said in disgust watching as Keith ate the icing covered pickle.

"Hey, It's not what I want. It's what the baby wants." Keith mumbled while Hailey takes a bite.

"The baby shall choose what we eat!" Hailey announced.

"I need a kiss." Keith mumbled to himself as he got off the couch and over to Lance.

Lance was in the corner talking to Shiro, Matt and Hunk when Keith wrapped his arms around from behind.

"Lance." Keith whispered into Lance's ear.

"Hmm?" Lance hummed.

Shiro, Matt and Hunk payed no attention to them and continued to talk about guy things.

"I need a kiss." Keith said shyly and his cheeks turned red.

Lance turned around and gave Keith a peck on the lips.

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