Part 21

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"So, you're not grounded anymore??" Lily asks me as we walk into the halls to lunch.

"Yep, hah..hahaha...aha..." I laugh, more like tried.

We walk and see some students, giving us good mornings. Hm? Why they so nice all the sudden??

"Good morning, Eve-san!!"

"Are you having a good day, Eve-san!!!"

"Do you want me to fetch something, Eve-san??!"

"Is that a brand?? It looks good on you!!"

They shower me with compliments as I look at them, confused but put on a smile.

"A-ah...Thank you! Thank you! Uh...Bye!!!" I shouted as I grabbed Lily's hand as wall past them with a stiff smile.

It was a relief they didn't chase us.

"What was that all about?" Lily asks, confused.

I don't know? You tell me!!

"Sigh, I don't know...ah! Hey,
Lily!" I shouted at her which startled her.

"Y-yes!?" She replied.

"Could it be..." I held her shoulders.

"That I got some votes!!!!" I shook her shoulders really hard which made her surprised.

"Stop! Shaking me!"

I obediently stopped shaking her. She massages her shoulders while nodding.

"Eeeeehhhhhhh!!!!! Really!! How many??" I squealed.

"Heh..hehe..." I hear Lily laugh creepily. Her head was looking down to...

All the sudden, she shots her head up with some shaded glasses(?). There were even stars next to her too...

"Heheheeh!!!! According to my amazing counting, there is 54 votes!!!" She proudly said with her shaded glasses(?) that came out of nowhere.

"Oh? That's a lot? Hm, it seems like Sasha's work payed off!!!"

"Huh? Who's Sasha? Wait wh—"

"AHEEEMMM!!! What about they others..?" I asked her.

Then, once again, her shaded glasses disappeared and I see a depressed Lily right next to a corner.

I sweatdropped.

"I-it's okay, Lily!! We'll just have to see the results at the end!! Come on, cheer up!! Let's go eat!!!" I urged her as I dragged her forcefully.

—————Sometime later—————

Zen looked at the blonde haired girl. She was smiling so bright as she talked to her friend. It looked like nothing was going to stop her. But that view was interrupted.

"Zen-sama...w-we did what you told us to" the shy girls blushed as he turned to look at them with a cold stare.

"Here." He tossed them a bag filled with money. The girls looks shook.

"Wait! This is not what we promised!" The girl told him.

Zen glared at them and they stayed instantly quiet.

"Got lost and never show your face in front of me." He coldly told them as he walked away from them.


"Hey, girls!!!" A energetic voice came. Lily and I turned around and we saw Sean?!

"Oh? Sean! What are you doing here? Are you looking for Zen?" Lily asks him.

"Hmmp! Who wants to look for that guy!?" Sean pouted. I giggle.

"Eh? You find that guy funny?" Lily asks me, shocked.

I stopped giggle.

"Yes! He reminds me of someone!" I smiled brightly as I thought about that person.


"Gasp! Do you...have a crush!??" Lily exclaimed loudly and then cover her mouth in shocked as Sean does they same as she does.

"Crush?" I repeated the word, several times.

Crush? Gabe? No. Although, Gabe is hot, there is no way I have a crush on him!!

"Eehhh!!! No! That's not it!! No crushes!! I don't!" I explained to them as their excited face turned into a boring one.

"Oh. How boring..." they both said in sync and walked away from me.

I look at them afar and a soft smile grows on my face as I looked at the two.

"What are you smiling about? Looks creepy." A deep voice called out to her.

I turn to look at Zen who was standing with his arms crossed.

"Why can't I smile?" I talked back to him.

These few days, after Zen found out magically, We talked. Sometimes.

He walks forwards to me as I stayed on my ground. His hand goes around my neck and pulls me close.

"I don't know. I just don't like it when you smile at others..." He trails off as his eyes are glued into mine.


I slap his hand gently and he retreats and steps back. My cheeks rosed up.

"S-some of them are fake smiles! Jeez, always invading my personal space.." I sigh as my heart slows down to its regular beat.

"Hm. Remember what tomorrow is?" He asks me all the sudden.


"Saturday? Why?" I questioned as I furrowed my eyebrows.

He chuckles and gently sweeps my hair into his large hands. He sniffs it before landing a kiss on it.


"W-what are y-you doing, Zen!!" I asked him, surprised.

He looks back at me and let's go of my hair.

"Did you really forget?"

"What did I forget..?"

"Lunch. With me."

Lunch? With him? With Zen? Tomorrow...

Click!'s already that!!!!!

"O-oh!! That!! Y-yeah, I remember! Mmm! Mmm!" I nodded my head.

"Hm. I'll pick you up tomorrow. Be ready." And then, he took off...

Uwwuuuu!!!! I sound so stupid!!! Uhhhhh!!! How could I forget! Uuwwwuuu!! Give me a break!!!



Help, it's in my mind and I can't escape from this torture.

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