Chapter 11

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My alarm goes off and it's 5:00 am. I wash myself up and put on my clothes.

I put on a sleeveless shirt and shorts. I did a high ponytail and went to the kitchen.

My mom was still sleeping so I made myself some pancakes and ate them.

It was already 5:45 am and I had to be at school by 6:00 am. I quickly got my stuff and left my mom a note.

"Bye mom, take care! I'll be back Sunday night."

Then I got on my bike and went to school.

On my way a limousine was passing by me and then it stopped.

I looked that way and saw Jin coming out, "Hey want to come in, you'll be late at this rate."

I rolled my eyes and kept going non-stop. He was right about me being late, so I pedaled faster and got to school just in time.

I sighed and got on the bus. It was already pretty full and I was planning to sit next to Misun but she was sitting next to a guy.

The only sit available was next to Dongsun.

I sighed and quickly sat down next to him and didn't even look at him when he touched my thigh.

I quickly took his hand off me, "Yah! What do you think you are doing?"

Then he smiled at me, "I miss you Soomin."

I roll my eyes, "Don't you have your long-time girlfriend?"

He shook his head, "We broke up, she was getting on my nerves."

"Okay so? You want me to give you an award or something?" I said with a disgusted face.

"Want to be mine again?" He asked and I slapped him, "Hell no!"

Then he pulled me over to him and whispered to my ear, "We'll see
about that."

Jin noticed what was happening and he stood up from his seat and went up to us.

"Soomin sit in my seat I'll sit here." I quickly stood up and did what he told me.

"Thank you." I whispered to his ear and he nodded.

When I got to his seat his girlfriend looked at me up and down and then rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry for sitting here, but I had no choice." I said trying to be nice.

"Don't talk to me hoe." She said and I just ignored her. I don't want to start more drama.

The trip was long and all I did was try to sleep listening to k-pop music.

Then we finally got there and started walking at the trailhead.

I was alone because my only friend left me for a guy. We followed the Mountain trail.

It was really peaceful, all the trees and animals. It helped me forget about everything. We had a few breaks to drink water and rest.

Jin and Brielle were always together and Dongsun tried to get close to me a couple of times but I always got away as fast as possible.

We were only sleeping a night outside so it wasn't even that bad.

Then a tree branch cut me and it hurt a lot. I tried making it stop bleeding but when I looked back the group was gone and I was all alone.

I was crying not so much because of the cut but because I was all alone. I felt so lonely I really just wanted to die.

Then I heard a voice, "SOOMIN!" And I looked, it was Jin running towards me with a first aid kit.

He came up to me and cleaned my cut. I was really happy to see he cared about me.

"You should of been more careful, pabo!" He said and hit my forehead.

"I'm sorry jeez, but thanks for coming, how you know I was here?" I asked.

"I saw you weren't with the group so I took a first aid kit just in case and came back." I nodded and he helped me get up and walk.

"Now how are we supposed to get to the group?" I asked barely able to walk. It was a really deep cut.

"Let's just go back to the starting point, then." He suggested and I nodded.

We slowly walked over there and then I remembered, "Wait! How are we supposed to sleep? We don't have tents."

Then he took something from his bookbag. It was a box, "I have one, I am always prepared!" Then I smiled and realized he said one, "Wait, then where am I going to sleep?"

"I guess with me?" I started blushing, "What about Brielle?"

"It's not like I'm cheating on her or anything." I nodded and we started preparing our tent.

I miss this Jin, the one who didn't care what others thought of him and was always confident.

Then we got inside the tent and started eating sandwiches the school had given us.

"This is awful." I said
"I know but food is food." He said eating the sandwich.

Then I needed to pee and thankfully there was a portable bathroom since we were at the start.

Once I was done, we both tried sleeping. But it was terrifying, what if someone or something came to us.

I was shivering just thinking about what could happen when Jin hugged me and said, "Don't worry, everything is fine since you are with me."

I smiled and slept in his arms. It felt warm and cozy.

Then when we woke up we were still hugging and we quickly got away from each other and acted like that never happened.

Then we ate food outside of the tent and talked a lot. I was happy I got my friend back, I missed him so much.

"Why do you ignore me now that you're dating?" I asked him.

"I don't know, I guess I didn't want to fall in love with you." I froze.

"Hey Soomin? Are you okay?" I nodded and tried getting up but I fell on top of Jin and we were both facing each other.

Our faces were two inches apart from each other.

Then he kissed me and I kissed him back.

I did have feelings for him that I have been hiding all this time.

Then, we heard footsteps and saw our group.

They were all looking at us.

Did they see us kiss?

Then Brielle started screaming, "HOE! BICH! HOW DARE YOU KISS MY MAN!"

I just stared at her and Jin stood up and tried calming her down.

Then we got back in the bus and I was able to sit next to the teacher since I was injured.

I was really happy, I didn't have to sit next to Dongsun or Jin.

I went to sleep as I was still tired from last night.

Writer's note:

So today "Bring the Soul" movie is out!❤️🎉 I am so excited even though I have to wait until Saturday to see it. However, don't forget to bring tissues because at least I know I'm going to cry😭 I still can't believe our babies have gone this far💜☺️ I feel like a proud mother😍 I'll stop now~😂

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