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... muffled and beeping sounds I hear?"

I headed in the direction of the sound, some book shelves obstructing my view, making me all the more curious, I carefully bypassed it with ADAMS!!!!!! not too far from my line of sight

He seemed to be lost in his little chit chat with a cute little robot, I'm guessing he does come here often.

The robot made a 180° turn with it's head, making some beeping sound and moved on it's wheels away with Adams looking to the intruder Me, I awkwardly waved my hand as I was caught no way of running, not that I wanted to though

"Did you expect to find me crying? Or you are just here looking for a Good book"  Adams said with a stoic face, but I could feel pain etched in what he said

"No and No but maybe later..  What I wanted to say... "

"What do you want then?" He replied cutting my reply short

I heaved a sigh and continued:"First please hear me out on what I want to say, I want to share a little secret with you but not in here, what do you say? Will you join me?" I replied with a plastered grin on my face, putting my hand out

"What kind of secret can't you share here, as I remember this is a LIBRARY" he said as he looked in to my eyes and glanced at my hands suspiciously so I had to drop my hands awkwardly

think of an excuse fast, or you'll lose your surprise strategy, those guys better put on a good surprise, or they'll deal with me after all this

"You're thinking of an excuse aren't ya?" He had a smug look on his face as he brought me out of my train of thoughts

"No I was not!!!!! I was thinking of your statement earlier, I'm not sure I would like to reveal it here, you know what they say, the walls got ears" I blurted out not even evaluating my words first

"And who says where we are going doesn't have walls?" as he rested his chin on his intertwined fingers staring intently at me

why couldn't those be our hands, what is wrong with me today?

"Um.. It's the outdoors, in the school garden" I said quickly, didn't want to ponder on my weird thoughts lately

"Don't tell me you want to confess your feelings to me" he said with a smirk

"God No! Why would you think I... I would do that?" I was clearly taken aback by his new attitude

"Hmm, nothing really, it's not like people just happen to tell you a secret in a garden, without it being That! Seen it in movies often, but I guess your case is different, so Let's go hear your secret then" he said straightening his posture as he stood up ready to leave

I just stood there not understanding anything! Is that how things work with confessions!?

"Are you coming? Or was this all a prank!? " He said as he cocked his eyebrow

"I am, it's not a prank, I swear" as I snapped out of my trance raising my hands in defense, following him in tow, I quickly pulled out my iPhone secretly texting Lucy alerting her of the change in plans and hoping they would reach there in time before we would and Prepared!!!

what did I put myself into?, I hope she sees the message fast


We finally arrived at the garden, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place, I may have suggested the idea even though I haven't been here but the sight was flawless

Red roses clearly decorating the strings positioned in strategic corners of the garden with an array of dandelions, hibiscus, lilies, orchids, jasmines, daisies, tulips, sunflowers and a bunch of other colored and sweet smelling flowers surrounding  a huge cherry blossom tree right in the middle of the whole garden with different paths separating the different genus from one another with a bench (surrounding the tree in close proximity than the flowers)  ahead of the different specie of flower, lotus flowers clearly in view beside and on the crystal clear stream

"Wooow!!!!" Was all I could mutter, spinning around taking in the sight, pulling out my phone, I need a lasting picture of this as I began taking photos like a paparazzo

My phone vibrated a little, I checked my inbox with a short but precise text coming up on my screen from Lucy

"We are in position, and stop acting like a weirdo, they are just flowers not Justin Bieber, just give us the signal of your last word being:"close your eyes" alright?

I rolled my eyes at her statement, "killjoy" I muttered to myself taking a few glances at Adams as he seemed lost in the serenity of the place as he closed his eyes smiling peacefully resting on the bench ahead of the Jasmine array

so! Adorable

"Right, sure 😝, let the plan begin"
I texted in reply

I shoved my phone back into my pocket, straitened my uniform and walked up to him

i can do this, It's just a surprise right?! You can handle that, but why do I feel queasy? what could go wrong?

Yep that's Where I end it for this chapter
Is the chapter too short or just right!?

Who else notices, when someone says what could go wrong there is a 70% chance of the said stuff avoided happening, would this be the case with Katie?

Till the next chapter then

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