The search 🔎

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Lucy called out but he was gone.

"What's up with him?" I asked clearly confused

"You don't know?" Jason and lucy asked me in unison, disbelieve written on their faces
Amanda just scoffed at what I would soon realize as my ignorance brought into light

"How am I supposed to know? Or was there anything wrong with the cupcake, is he lactose intolerant? Or.. " clearly blabbing

"It's his BIRTHDAY, that was what I tried telling you today, remember a certain someone?!!! before your fairy cake here took all our attention " Lucy cutting me off and unknowingly saving me a blab fest while suspiciously inspecting the shadow of what was the cupcake which was now nothing more than paper wrappers on the table

his birthday? How could I be so dumb? Is that what mom was trying to tell me?, why didn't she tell me?, He must feel his friends forgot about his birthday (well I didn't technically but I'm still to blame, if not for this cursed cupcakes which are Sooooo Good) but I have to fix this, fast!

"Uh! Earth to Katie!!" Lucy clicking her hand right at my face

"You zoned out" Amanda spoke, like really spoke to me or was it my mind playing tricks on me?

"I.. I need to go, I need to fix this, I'll be back, your surprises better be ready when we are back" determination clearly etched in my words

"That's the spirit, go get him" Lucy pushing me in the direction in which Adams ran

"Hey!, that's not what I meant, I'm bringing him back because I had a part in this, if only I had not brought out the cupcakes maybe.... "

"Yeah yeah, we know(did I just see a smirk flash on her lips?) right now he needs you, so we'll do our part"

"Needs me? What the heck.. "

"Bye!!!! , see you when we see, now GOOOO!!!" She said giving me another push

"Alright, alright, I'm going! Sheesh, it's not like it was your idea in the first place "


Now I had one problem to figure out, WHERE CAN I FIND ADAMS THROUGH THIS NEVER ENDING HALLS? the size of this school isn't helping, and I didn't even ask of the possible places he could be from Lucy.

I wandered the halls, checking the classroom, occasionally asked some random students where he could possibly be without giving out too much information on the Why! And What! But still no clue, no one knew I guess except his friends, and right now I was starting to question that theory, was I really his friend? Did I ever behave like a friend to him?

I almost gave up the search when something popped up, Robotics hmmmm the only place he could be would either be at the library or the Tech Lab.

I sprinted to the Tech Lab, its a 60% chance, he would be there, I ran out of breath once I got there with the teacher giving me a quick but thorough scan with his device which I clearly don't know the name of

"You must be Katherine Brooks!,16 years, would be 17years in a few months, 5ft 6in, hmm" He said in his professional tone while moving over to his work before I interrupted him I suppose

Woah! That was one hell of a body scan, was my bio written on my body somewhere I didn't know of? As I began searching myself, I realized it must be school records in his scanning thingy, I should come here more often

"Latic acid is present in your bloodstream miss Brooks, you were running, why?" He asked with his attention quite divided as he was coupling up a machinery

"What's that? Sorry Mr um....

"Dante, just Dante"

"Right! Dante I go by the name Katie for short, and I'm looking for a friend, loves robotics, this tall(trying my best to get his height right) black hair..

good looks (Where did that pop out from?)

"You mean Adams?" He replied

"Yes, yes, him, I'm guessing he ain't here now but do you have a clue where I could start looking? You know one scientist to another, I mean Adams" I said clearly in a hurry to find him or things will get a lot worse than it already is

"Hmm, I check out the library in my free time, there are lots of robo-librarians up there, and I go there simply to study them while reading a good book, you should try it sometime" he said with utmost sincerity

"Thank you Dante, I'll drop by some other time, nice meeting you"

He nodded in acknowledgement


Books, Robots, Books, Robots, I kept chanting in my head like a mantra heading and hoping to find Adams there

Please be there, please!!!

I finally reached the library, there was a massive door which seemed to cost a lot and is clearly soundproof, which had a hand scanner no too far away, I went closer placing my palm on it, it kinda tickles as I giggled once the light went over my palm, it showed a green light then a voice spoke

"If Katie's daughter is my daughter's Mother, who am I to Katie?" (😂 a-s i-f, let's take a rewind shall we to the real statement said)

"Welcome Miss Katherine Brooks, have a lovely day in the fantasy world of Books"

The doors slowly opening, I dashed in then slowed my pace realising I was in a library.

I turned my attention to something which caught my interest

"Is that....

😂 cliffhanger much?
Maybe, so what caught her interest?

The riddle mentioned earlier was derived from my tag book ~Tag & answer~ and I still can't seem to have the will to answer this.
Could someone help with this not here but in the tag book


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