International Expansion

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You've written your story, you're getting some views, you're advertising yourself and people are voting on your work. Now where do we go from here?

Much of the future of Wattpad may be in the international scene. In fact, most of it already is. More than 50% of all users on Wattpad aren't using it in English. Think about that for a little as you read this. While we may all feel like North America and England have a pretty strong userbase, the rest of the world combined has surpassed them, and some languages are surprisingly close. So what does this mean for us? Well let's look at some of the rising languages and the impact this can have on using Wattpad.

Tagalog: The language of the Philippines, this is Wattpad's second largest home, even though it's a tiny collection of islands. Why? Not sure really, but it's the place you should be most excited about, largely because of Taglish, a combination of English and Tagalog because a lot of the Philippines speaks English on some level. And it turns out they like much of the same stuff we do, with works like My Tag Boyfriend becoming ultra popular (title sound familiar?). However, they make a much bigger deal about books there than here. How much bigger? Well at least 4 of the books published off Wattpad have been made into movies. They are releasing a Wattpad TV series on a channel called TV5. And they generally have as much celebrity status over there as a J.K Rowling or Dan Brown over here. They're big. You may have a readership there without even knowing.

Spanish: Want your book read? Try Spanish. The other uber-popular language on Wattpad, the Spanish speaking community is massive, and is always growing, thanks to the fact that both Latin America and Spain are using the app. They're also hungry for works to read, and they really really really like adaptations, as they call them. This is where they translate a story and replace some names and then read it. Not that different from English writers who do similar things, but maybe you should consider getting your story translated to Spanish so they can be reading your work instead of others? Thanks to America speaking a ton of Spanish as a secondary language, it's easy to find a translator or just learn some yourself and get cracking. This is the most accessible language on this list with a large readerbase. Capitalize!

Turkish: This is number three of the big three languages on Wattpad that aren't English, and all of these groups have a dedicated employee at Wattpad for them, plus an Ambassador group. That's just how big they are. The Turkish community is an interesting one because not a lot of North Americans are frequently in contact with Turkish people (it's quite a distance). But it's a pretty large country and they want stuff to read. If you can find someone to translate your work to Turkish, you won't be disappointed by the audience you're opening yourself up to. They're growing at a rediculous rate that demands attention, and Romance seems to be their big read right now, but you never know if you're in a niche genre.

German: While not as big as the other three, it's become large enough to merit some attention. Since English is a Germanic language, it also isn't hard for them to know English and vice-versa, meaning easy translations and even some English-speaking Germans reading your stories already. Be on the watch for this one as they increase in size. There's already enough of them for a dedicated Wattpad employee and some Ambassadors, so you might want to get involved in the German community and find a translator.

Others: The rest of the languages start to blend together for which ones are more popular. Italian, Indonesian, Portugese, Arabic, and Dutch are just a few of the popular ones out there. Do keep in mind that English is the most widely spoken language in the world though so many of your readers may not be from an English speaking country. One of the Wattpad Prize winners was from Estonia! Make sure your story isn't too focused on country-specific plotlines or details, and has some international appeal. Obviously we all attend high school or go on dates or would like to fight off an alien invasion so those things are universal, but keep in mind that inside jokes only an American would get, for example, may fly over the head of potentially 50% of your reader-base!

Someone to look to in order to help you out is @translingua, a crowd-sourcing group that can help translate your work and publish it in multiple languages.

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