Chapter One - Betrayal

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It was five in the afternoon I'm just arriving from the ladies banquet. Mason had me attend these silly meetings to give a proper presence of a power man's wife. since I love him dearly and I love seeing that man happy...i go. At first I thought it would such but turns out it was a great committee with women that were lively and friendly and my friends. I never thought after a three year marriage I would be apart of a prestigious organization of women. Something I am very proud of.

Mason and I met back in college I graduated with a Masters of Arts in fashion and him of course business and politics. I was amazed by the way we met the outcast girl with big glasses and loose clothing grabbed the attention of a god... literally.


I was in my final year and working on a project line. My class was preparing for the night to have models walk the catwalk in our designs. I noticed him but he never saw me. the girl with the hair up in a bun, jeans and a shirt that made me look bigger then what I am but it never bothered me. I was comfortable in my clothing. One of the models happen to be his weekly flame was trying one of my dressed when she fell and twisted her ankle.

"That is why i don't wear 4 inch heels on a daily base." I said as my instructor looked at me "go on and put the dress on." she said strictly. "NO! she's fat she'll break the dress!" Liv, Mason's "girlfriend" said trying to walk. By the time my instructor could say anything I was already in the back fitting into my own design.

Nervous and shy I slowly stepped out the pearly white dress hugged my curves in the right spots and my small frame fit perfectly. As they were arguing, I could see Mason trying to calm Liv down. When he stopped and looked up he looked in awe like he saw someone more beautiful then me? though I was the only one on the stage. Mu instructor Ms Viola turned around and smiled "OH Malia! you look dazzling in your dress!" the dress was a wedding gown. a strapless mermaid dress. with a transparent white material for the train. Ms. Viola came in the stage and loosened up my hair letting my chocolate brown hair cascade down. I smiled and giggled and frowned when she took my glasses off. "there's the beauty you hid." she said making blush. She turned to the crowd "doesn't she look beautiful and she designed the dress! Such Talent!" She said clapping that the elements with the light and fabric material combine well.

I looked down and see Mason still staring at me. Blushing I am escorted out so I can change out of my dress and into my clothes. As I walked off the stage my friend Dalia came took a rubber band and tides my shirt back in a knot. "there much better...dont take it off its my birthday remember." she said giving me the death glare. smiling i saluted her and went back to finishing preparations.

That night it was a huge success and i received a scholarship for my designs by a local designer. only 3 semester to go. I am going places already. As the night ended and everyone has gone out to the after party I drove to a local cafe called "Millie's" and order my favorite soy chi tea latte. As I sat at a booth alone sketching a new design that occurred to me someone joined me. I looked up and saw Mason Michealson in the flesh in my drink in booth as I call it.

"Um hi." I said shyly

"Hello I'm Mason." he said as if I didn't know who he was! The whole campus knows who he is.

"I'm Malia." I replied back.

"I know who you are." that's a miracle. "your the designer who looked absolutely stunning in her own wedding that your idea for a wedding dress?" he asked me.

I froze "ummm no my idea is more historically elegant." I responded as I turned the page over and showed him my dream dress. "this is my dress" there was a paused as he..what it looks to be a man appreciating my work of art. "Hopefully one day it will come alive....if i ever get married that is." I said looking down. He looked up at me as I took a sip of my latte. "you would look beautiful in this dress and the man that marries you is going to be lucky." he said. My eyes widen in shock did he! did he just. Say that!

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