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Emily sighs confused. She doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know if she she likes Alisa or not.

At first she thought she liked Alisa but then Alisa went with jack. And Emily moved on from Alisa.


She decides to go for a walk, to think about everything that has happened. She puts her shoes on and walks out of the door, closing it behind her.

She walks towards the park. She walks over the grass, towards a bench and sits down, letting out a sigh.

"Everything okay?"she heard someone says. She turns around and see Alex standing there.

"I don't know"Emily mumbles and pulls her legs closer or her.

Alex sits down next to her.

"Do You want to talk about it?"she asks and looks at Emily.

"Alisa came by today"Emily starts. Alex raises her eyebrow, obviously not expecting that.
"She confessed her feelings for me".

Alex looks away. She's sad. She kind of likes Emily. She knew Emily had feelings for alisa, someone told her that. She just hoped that Alisa stayed away from Emily so that she could confess her feelings first in the hope that Emily would tell her that she feels the same for her. But now everything is probably ruined.

"And?"Alex asks curious.

"Well, I told her that I don't like her. But I just hope that she doesn't freak out and ruin everything for Jordan and Olivia again"

"Wait what about that jack guy?"Alex asks and frowns.

"they broke up"Emily answers. "Everything is just so confusing right now. First I thought I liked Alisa and I wanted her to confess her feelings so badly. But now she did it it's too late and I don't want her anymore. I just wanted her to be happy. But now she's making everything so confusing".

She sighs and rubs her face frustratedly.

"Okay but if you liked her then why didn't  you say that to her?"Alex asks.

"Because I don't like her anymore"Emily smiles and looks up at the sky. "I think I like someone else".

"Okay then say that to Alisa. She will
understand hopefully"Alex propose.

"Maybe You're right"Emily says and smiles at Alex. "You wanna know who I like?"

"Sure"Alex responds kind of sad. It probably isn't her.

Emily just smiles and kisses her.


A short chapter, I know. I almost forgot to update 😂

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