19. Road Tripping

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The weeks leading up to Luke's brother's wedding slipped by and before I knew it, it was the morning before the wedding, and I was rushing around my apartment like a headless chicken trying to gather the last of my things before Luke and I made the six hour road trip to the hotel that we would be staying at for the wedding, and the days leading up to it.

I had made a mental checklist in my head, this of course was my first mistake as I completely forgot what I was supposed to be packing and everything was jumbled around in my brain. My second mistake was rather than packing the night before, I had left it to the morning we were supposed to be leaving.

"Ollie! Please can you throw any piece of makeup and any brush on my dresser into a random bag." I called out to him from the bathroom as I tried to pack all my toiletries into my bag.

"I guess, oh and Luke's here by the way." I groaned as I rushed to the living room to greet him, hoping that we had enough time to spare to accommodate for my unorganised ways. I smiled as I spotted him sitting on the couch, watching a random news channel on the TV.

"Hey." I grinned placing a quick peck on his lips.

"Running late?" He laughed at the dishevelled look on my face as I was scanning the living room for anything I may need.

"Yes I'm so sorry, I won't be much longer." I rushed back to my bedroom, thanking Ollie for packing up my makeup.

"I'll see you in a few days." I grinned hugging Ollie as Luke and I left the apartment, each of us carrying bags filled with my things.

"You do know we're only going for a few days." Luke raised his eyebrows as he glanced at all of my bags in amusement.

"Yeah, I like to pack heavily just to make sure I have everything, I'm very indecisive." I laughed as we threw the bags into the trunk of his car, along with his one overnight bag.

I can't recall the last time I had ever been on a road trip before, perhaps on the rare occasion when I was younger that my family and I would decide to head out for the weekend, or maybe during the summer. Three hours into our road trip, Luke and I had overplayed every song that we loved on our playlists and I could tell that he was becoming somewhat agitated with the thought of having to spend another three hours driving.

"Hey," I placed my hand on his thigh, grabbing his attention from the road and on to me, "how about we stop somewhere for a bit, you could use a break."

"Yeah, probably a good idea. I think if I have to spend another three hours driving without a break I'll go insane." He laughed. We both spent the next fifteen minutes scanning the sides of the road for a rest stop, hoping one would appear soon as now the thought of food and stretching my legs was appealing to me more and more.

"What about there? I'm sure they'll have food." I pointed to a small gas station, and off to the side of the gas station was a row of picnic benches, the perfect place for us to sit as it was only half one in the afternoon and the weather was hot and the skies were clear.

Once in the gas station, I opted for more reasonable snacks, a couple bottles of water along with some sandwiches, where as Luke decided to purchase us chips and candy.

"I see one of us was reasonable with their purchases." He laughed as we sat on one of the benches, thankfully they appeared to be clean with zero bird shit, this was surprising as I had yet to come across a clean picnic bench.

"One of us had to be sensible." I rolled my eyes playfully as I handed him his water and sandwich and thanking him for the chips.

"So, you and Ollie, how long have you two been friends?" He asked, sparking up a topic of conversation.

"For a long while now, he's like a brother to me. When we were young my mom always tried to pair us up together." I laughed as I remembered her numerous failed attempts.

"Nothings ever went on between you then?" He pushed further.

"We've had the odd kiss, usually the outcome of us having too many drinks, but who hasn't shared a drunken kiss with their best friend? Girl or guy." I shrugged, I've never thought anything of Ollie and I's kiss.

"I guess, as long as your friends I have nothing to worry about, I would be tempted by Ollie, he's hot." Luke laughed as he seemed a little more relaxed now.

"Is your family big?" I questioned, I wanted to receive as much information about his family as I possibly could before I met them, hoping that by doing this, it would calm my nerves. I had only ever met the parents of two of my previous boyfriends, one went extremely well and the other was one of the most awkward situations I have ever been a part of. I guess the experience depends on the family.

"It's not too big, I have two brothers and I only have a handful of aunts and uncles. The wedding will probably have more of my brother's friends at it rather than family." He spoke as he began to clear away our mess and put it in the bin as we headed back to the car.

"Don't worry about it," he laughed as he pulled me into his side and placing a kiss on my temple, "they'll love you, who wouldn't?" He grinned cheekily. 


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