22. His Sarcasms

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"I need a favor from you. It's not difficult." I stammered in front of Ashar.

Ashar relaxed his posture and shoved his hands inside his jeans' pocket and looked at me quizzically, "What made you think that I would help you?"

I tried to ask help from everyone I knew at college. Few of them clearly denied helping me. However, there were few who had connections with big companies, but, they turned me down because they were unable to arrange the interview on a short notice. I had to wait for like next month or more.

Since I was now only a week away from the final submission of the work. I couldn't delay anymore. So, I just mustered courage to talk to Ashar and put aside my ego.

"Because you can help students." I answered hesitantly.

"Students? What do you mean?" He raised his eyebrows.

"I need your help in my college assignment." I clarified promptly.

I caught Ashar while he was entering to his house. The senseless assignment was already blowing up my head, now I had to do much harder task which was to convince that brute.

"Either way, I don't help frauds." He retorted.

Something very expected.

He walked past me.

I followed him, "I told you, it's not difficult for you. The deadline is coming closer. I, I will fail the course."

He stopped, shot me a glare. My lips quavered.

"Get lost."

He ignored my cries and moved further.

I got my answer. It was his way of saying that he would not help me. I hissed and kicked the wall with my foot in frustration.

Why in the world I thought that Ashar would cooperate with me?

Melanie should have seen her boss's friendly side. I just loathed that arrogant beast.

For a minute, I considered talking with Katherine as she was also a successful business person but then, I remembered how much she despised me because I had ruined her son's married life.

I just didn't understand why was it a big deal for them in telling me there marketing strategy. I was not asking them to accept me as Ashar's wife. For God's sake, they should stop overreacting.

Fine, everyone just go to hell

I was getting exhausted.


Next day in the evening, I was preparing dinner for the family. Melanie was standing beside me, observing my cooking to learn.

Days were passing, but I had found no business man or woman who could help me. When that instructor was announcing the assignment, I had a feeling that this specific assignment was going to give me a hard time and now I realized how correct my instincts were!

"You're looking down today, Sanaya. What's the matter?" Melanie interrogated me while I was washing beef thoroughly.

I drained off all the water from the meat and put it aside.

"Nothing. I don't want to talk about it." I reacted rudely.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes." I wiped the wet hands with an apron I was wearing.

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