Forgive & Forget

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I was packing all my stuff so I could go back home and work it out with Destiny, I low-key wasn't ready but shit I miss my bed.

I pulled up in the driveway and blew out a breath, I had keep all my stuff in the car just incase this doesn't work out.

I had walked in the house to see all the nights was off, but the bedroom light. I had walked up stairs to see Destiny sitting on the bed reading a book.

"Hey"  I had mumbled

Destiny face had lite up when she had saw me.

"Hey"  she had said getting off the bed and walking over to me,  when she had tried to hug me I had moved. Destiny had looked down.

"I had came back to try and work things, but hmmm I don't want you touching me " I said walking to the bed and sitting down. Destiny had came and sat by me

"Ok , I'm ready to talk "

"Why did you cheat on me? " I had ask looking down

"I-I don't know " she said blowing out a breath

"Bro that 'i don't know' shit is not gonna work out " I said getting off the bed

"Now why did you cheat on me "

"He was making me feel special and like he really wanted me " she said looking at me in the eyes

"Haha so I didn't make you feel special "

"Yes, but with him it was different "

"How? "

"I don't know, he was just the first boy I been with and I just don't know "

"Do he know? "


"And what he say? "

"That he doesn't want anything to do with it " Destiny said crying.

"I don't know what to do Nisha, I don't have a job and I don't have a place to stay " I didn't know what to say back.

"I guess you want your place back so I'll just get out of your hair " Destiny said getting up and walking to the closest.

"Destiny wait" I said stopping her.

"I really wanna work this out, but it can't if you leave "

"So can I stay?"

"Yes. But I think if it's best if we stay in different rooms until I believe you are ready for a relationship "

"I am ready "

"I don't think you is, because if you was you wouldn't have went out and fuck the first nigga that came to you "I said walking to the bed

" Nisha I just want you to know that I'm really really really sorry, and I hope we can move on from this and get back to what we was at first "

"You can stay in here I'll sleep in the guess room" I said walking out not wanting to talk bout it anymore.


I low-key miss my baby talking to me,so tonight I went all out with  dinner and some gifts ,so she could talk to me ,even though there was no reason for her to stop talking to me. Right now she was out running ,when she get back she'll see how much I did for her.  I had heard the front door open, just when I was done sitting up the table.

"Bae" I had yelled at her

"What Kayce " she yelled back

"Come here for a min " I had heard her growl, then she had came in the kitchen

"Kayce what do u want " She ask coming in

"I wanna show you how much I miss you talking to me" I said walking to her.

"Go and take a shower and come back so I can show you something "

"Ok " she said turning around and going upstairs

"OMG !!!!" I heard her yell

"Do you like them "? I ask walking in the room . I had got her a whole lot of shoes. "Yes!!!! " she yelled jumping on me

"good now take a shower and then come back down stairs "

"Ok" she said giving me a kiss.

I had went back downstairs to finish cooking . 40 mins later Ashanti had came down in a short dress and you can tell that she didnt have on a bra or some panties . Aww shit she want some tonight I said thinking to myself. After we had ate dinner I had took her upstairs and we went 3 arounds .

I had got up around 10 to go and meet Nisha so we can talk .

"Bro idk what to do " Nisha said talking while we was at Ihop

"What you mean "

"Like I wanna be with her but I dont think we can be like we was at first "

"Why you say that "?

Nisha had looked at me crazy

"So if Ashanti was to cheat on you with a nigga and get pregnant, and you got back with her you wouldn't question her bout everything she do ?"

"Ya but you gotta remember you the one that took her back "

"Yayaya but look I gotta go " she said getting up .

"Why "

"Destiny wanna have a talk "

"Ight then bye " I said getting up and hugging her .

"Bye "


I wanted to stay in talk to Kayce but Destiny had texted me and ask of I can come home so we can talk . I don't know what she wanted to talk about I already let her stay and we still together, what else is there to talk bout .

When I had got to the house there was another car in the drive way .

"Destiny "! I yelled opening the front door

"Kitchen " I had walked to the kitchen to see Destiny sitting at the table with some men . Destiny had got up and walked over to me .

"Nisha this is Cameron , the baby's father "  When she had said that I just looked at her crazy like why tf is this  nigga in my house .

" Why is he here " I ask

"Because he had called me this morning and ask if he can be in the baby's life "

"So you told me to come here ,for something that yall need to talk about? " "Nisha "

"What I dont care if he's in the life are not , he just better know his place " I said walking  away .

Yall im sorry that I haven't updated in forever I lowkey forgot about it , but im try to update again by the end of next week

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