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It didn't take long before the small house on the run-down street was transformed into a liveable space. With the help of Ezekiel's friends and family, the thin wall between Dixon and Emily's rooms, was torn down making it into one big one and another wall was moved making the former master bedroom slightly smaller in favour of a larger kitchen. 

June had picked paints and new wallpapers within her somewhat limited budget. Ameer had brought two of his fitness instructors from the gym he owned and made a workout out of painting ceiling. It had made Dixon laugh, seeing the muscular bodybuilders complain about muscle strain after a day's work.
He had arrived straight from school to help paint window ledges.
Ameer pinched his arms with a grin.

"You've got a membership kiddo. Don't be afraid to use it," he grinned as the other two completed the finishing touches. The three muscular men had been teasing him about his spaghetti arms all afternoon.

Dixon shook his head and flexed the arm Ameer was holding.

"I don't have time. Between school and walking Zeke's dogs and working for Maddox, I get plenty exercise," Dixon grinned.

"Well. Chicks dig muscles. You'll appreciate it in a few years," Ameer said with a cheeky nudge.

Dixon gave him his most disbelieving, deadpan look.

"Yeeeah... I don't see my sister being overly impressed," he grinned and watched a satisfying blush spread across the older man's face.

Ameer scratched the back of his neck with a very self conscious look on his face.

"Yes. It's that obvious. And Emily is the first thing you ask me or my mum about when you see us," Dixon chuckled.

Ameer gave him a look that was a mix between worried and a warning.

Dixon's grin widened with Ameer's growing discomfort.

"Just let her finish her degree before you start flexing," Dixon teased.

Ameers face cracked into a relieved smile.

"And... 'Meer?" Dixon said seriously.

Ameer tilted his head in anticipation.

"Hurt my sister, and I'll train Zeke's dogs to chew on everything you have!" Dixon grinned.

Ameer chuckled softly.

"Those dogs love me! I'm the only person in that little cluster of houses to take them on longer runs," Ameer replied with an equally cheeky smile.

Dixon shook his head in surrender and returned to the windowsill.
Before he could get more paint on the brush, a large hand landed on his shoulder.

"You know. There's a much greater chance that Emily will break my heart here," Ameer told him quietly and with his voice loaded with sincerity.

Dixon sighed and turned towards the taller man again.

"Look. I know she needs to focus on her degree. But it tears me apart to hear about her dating and stuff... but I think she's worth waiting for," Ameer admitted.

Dixon shook his head again in exasperation.

"Have you even talked to her?" He asked.

"Not about this! No!" Ameer shook his head.

Dixon lifted an eyebrow and returned to the window, wondering if he should say something about taking a chance. But June turned up to praise his work.

The next day new set of kitchen cabinets appeared as if by magic. Ezekiel insisted they were second hand, from a place donated to the fire brigade for practice, but June thought they looked suspiciously unused. a few even came in cardboard boxes.

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