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3.16 Day Nine: Parker/Lizzie/Parker

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Yesterday, I could've spent all night in Lizzie's car...

Closing my eyes, I could remember the feel of her soft lips. I could recall her calloused fingers connect the dots of my freckles, forming pictures of flowers and the stars. If she wanted to do it, she could use any part of my body as a canvas and paint me to her liking. One afternoon of kissing and I was WEAK. I wanted to take a page out of Lizzie's playlist and cry. Elizabeth Hernandez surprised me more and more every day. It was mind-boggling to me that someone could possibly break up with that beautiful creature and survive to tell the tale.

Checking my phone, I noticed that not much time had passed since the last time I checked the clock, which turned out to be two measly minutes ago. Stupid slow passage of time. Stupid me for getting ready an hour early. I've been meandering around the house wearing my tapestry coat with matching maroon bellbottoms and a fluffy burnt mustard turtleneck. I was saving my fake snake boots and my long tassel earrings for a special occasion too.

I stared at the front door.

Walking with Lizzie through the halls of school felt like walking in a different world, one where we never hated each other, one where my parents were talking, and my mom replied to my texts. Just cause I was having too good of a day, I doubled checked my messages with my mom where I regaled my first kiss with Lizzie and she would now be the only person I worshiped on Sundays.

No reply.

Not yet, anyways.

"She's not going to get here faster if you watch the door," said my dad from some obscure corner in the house.

"I'm not watching the door!" I lied, but loudly so it sounded more believable.

"Remember when you were a kid—" he shouted back, which earned us both a curious peek from Debbie's home office. We locked eyes and she just sighed, rolled her eyes with a smile and closed her door as my dad went on "—you used to look out the window and wait for the mail man to come! He was your first crush! Trevor Williams! Do you remember?! You said you liked him because he always had presents!"

"No! I blocked it out!"

But my face did get warm, vaguely remembering something about smelling envelopes a lot. I think I used to accidentally get high on the glue but didn't know it.

Then, there was a knock on the door, and I jumped up, flinging myself at the door handle. As I opened the door, my dad started shouting about a love letter I once wrote to the garbage man and Lizzie squinted at me when she saw me as she intently listened to my father's ramblings. She wore the blocked color sweater she took from my closet and something about that made my heart start square dancing like a maniac. She also tied half her hair up in a cute little ponytail, letting the bottom half curl around her neck.

Lizzie grinned, despite her confusion and my chest squeezed. This was a date. A proper date between me and Lizzie. Without being able to help myself, I leaned down and pecked Lizzie's soft lips. She jumped and immediately, her face burned with a deep red blush. I panicked. This always happened. I came across way too strong and probably freaked her out.

"Sorry!" I spouted as a matching blush appeared on my cheeks. "I should have asked. I guess, I just got a little excited- to see you, I mean!"

"No! No!" Lizzie waved her hands. "No, I liked it! I was just surprised."

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