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"Jordan, do you wanna do a movie marathon?" Emily asks Jordan who was laying on her bed.

"I can't. I promised Olivia I would go to the mall with her and her friends. I don't wanna let her down. But you can join us if you want"Jordan answered while she scrolled through tumblr. It wasn't until an hour she had to go to pick up Olivia. She was kind of bored sitting her now. She didn't want to bug Olivia since what happened last time, so she got a little distant.

"Oh okay. I uh.... I think I'm going to stay home"Emily answers. She closes the door and walks back to her room. She sighs as she let herself fall onto the bed. Maybe she can ask Alex if she wants to hang out. Since she's kind of new in their friends group. She can get to know her better.

She decides that she's going to text Alex to ask if she wants to hangout together. She takes her iPhone in her hand and opens the message app.

Emily: hey Alex. Jordan is not home and I'm kinda bored. Do you think you wanna do something together?

Alex: sure. I don't have anything to do

Emily: yes do you want me to come to your house or you're coming to mine?

Alex: I'll come to yours

Emily grins as she reads the last text. Finally someone who can hang out. Normally, she would hang out with Alisa but since she's being a bitch and everyone else is busy with all the drama, she has to find someone else. And Alex seems like a nice girl. Maybe they will become best friends.


"Hey, come in"Emily smiles at Alex and takes a step to the side so Alex can walk in the house.

"So this is where you live now?"Alex asks while she looks around.

"Yep"Emily sighs as she sits down on the couch.

"What do you wanna do?"Alex asks as she sits down next to Emily on the couch.

"You wanna watch a movie?"Emily asks.


Emily reaches for the remote on the salon table. She starts the tv and opens Netflix. "Here, you can choose. I'm going to get something to eat". Emily says and gives the remote to Alex.

She walks to the kitchen and takes some bag of crisps out of the cabinet. She walks back to the living room and sees that Alex has set up a Star Trek movie.

"Star Trek?"Emily asks confused.

Alex smiles excitedly and nods. "I really like those movies".

"Jordan likes the movies and series too"Emily answers and smiles at the thought of Jordan and Alex excitedly talking about something the others now nothing about.

"Where is Jordan?"Alex asks as she opens a bag of crisps.

"Oh uh she went to the mall with Olivia"Emily answers and props crisps in her mouth.

"Okay let's start"Emily says and jumps on the couch.

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