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Third Person POV

"GET DOWN!" A nearby explosion had just gone off sending shrapnel in every direction. The heat blazing off the warehouse could be felt up to a hundred feet away, just the sound of the explosion could probably be heard a mile away.

Xavier looked over to the man who had just saved his life. He was dead. A small shard of metal had gone through the commanders neck, a pool of blood started to form around him.

Xavier brushed his hand against the man's eyelids and stood up to go retrieve his Lynx sniper rifle. He checked to make sure the rifle wasn't damaged and reloaded a fresh bullet into the chamber.

The Captain rushed to the desert hill and dropped down to his stomach, slowly crawling up to the top. When he reached the peak he was able to see the warehouse in flames.

"Alpha team check in over." Xavier said into his comm. "Alpha team check in over!" There was just static and Xavier cursed under his breath. "Squadron respond!" The captain was just hoping that they would respond. "Squa-"

"Captain! It's me sir, Lieutenant Fields. Lieutenant Jenna is with me and alive sir! Is Commander Stromo with you?" Hearing that all of his squad was alive gave a sense of relief unlike any other.

"Thank God you are both alright, and no. Commander Stromo died saving my life." There was a moment of silence as the paid tribute to their beloved commander. "But we still have a mission, let's honor him by not failing. Is that understood?" Xavier shot to his comrades.

"Yes sir!" They both exclaimed over the comm.

"Sir you are the commanding officer now, you're the next highest rank." That was lieutenant Jenna, the first time he had heard her voice since the explosion.

"Keep on with the mission and kill anything that moves from the warehouse." The new commanding officer ordered.

"What if they are alive?" Fields asked.

"Keep shooting." With that Xavier aimed his at the warehouse and watched to see if anyone would come out. As if reading his mind, they started to come out of the warehouse on fire.

The dead were walking.


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