46 - Reunited

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Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

6:30 p.m

Pablo typed in the number on the jeep's — the jeep from the Incasisi accident— number plate into a private database that all Police Stations in Bolivia had access to. It took a while for the results to load because the Internet in Bolivia was slow. Waiting for the results, I looked at my fax machine. That database would give us information about a car and its owner. All we had to do is to plug in the registration number.

We wanted to find out who the owner of the vehicle was. If we found out who possessed the automobile, we would find out who probably was the driver who got killed. If we uncovered the identity of the driver, we could question Quemado Corporation to identify the way through which the driver got hold of Ximanthiseptirum. Being a banned, restricted drug, Ximanthiseptirum wouldn't have come into the hands of that driver easily without him being related to Quemado or the trade of Ximanthiseptirum.

Timothy McAllister

8:30 p.m

The river began swelling once again for a strange reason. After observing that anomaly, we decided to spend the night far from the bank. We had the machete with us, so using it, I chopped some wood for building a fire. Rhett and Tom prepared the fire while I caught some fish. After catching some fish, I took it to the place where Rhett and Tom made the fire, so that we could cook the catch.

We were all in a good mood that day, joyous over our successful departure from the bus. We shared stories as we sat around the fire that Rhett and Tom made, waiting for the fish to cook.

"What kind of urban legends do you have in America?" Shifaly was the first to start a conversation.

Knowing that Alice was the one who knew a lot about horror stories, I looked at Alice with a smile, implicitly telling her to answer Shifaly's question. The fish was cooked by that time, so I took it out and put it away from the fire.

" What kind of legends do you want to hear, Shifaly? America's a big country. We have millions of urban legends." Alice was trying to debone a fish. She liked fish that didn't have many bones in them, but the ones that I caught on that day had a lot of bones.

"Anything interesting and scary," said Shifaly.

"Well, there's this one about a road in the northeastern part of Wolfgang Estate: the area where our school is located. It's commonly called 'knock-knock road'. This legend is just a variation of legends from other states. Three decades ago there was a case of hit and run in a road that went through Wolfang Estate. A girl who lost her way from her girl scouts' camp was hit by a speeding car. Ever since her death people who traveled through that road, reported seeing a mutilated girl knocking their car window when they passed through the spot where she died," narrated Alice.

"Wow. Have you guys experienced it?" asked Shifaly.

"Experienced what?" asked Alice.

"Like have you guys seen the ghost?" rephrased Shifaly.

"No. Ever since a new bypass was built on the highway system only a few people travel through that road. A minority of those few people reported seeing that girl," answered AnnSophia.

"We should tell each other horror stories. I like the vibes it gives. The forest is a perfect place to tell each other horror stories," said Alice excitedly.

"I know one legend," said Hernanda. We all looked at her, excited and wanting to hear what she had to share.

While Hernanda began her tale I looked around. The sky was cloudy. The trees around us were swaying, and the fire was popping. After taking a glance around the area, I looked at Hernanda who was narrating the story of the 'Water Babies of Massacre Rocks'. It was the story of a Native American tribe which suffered a famine a long time ago. Not willing to see their children die, mothers in that tribe threw their babies into a lake. Legend dictates that the babies didn't die, but grew fins instead. They're believed to still exist in the lake, audible to any fisherman who lingers there long enough. The babies are reported to be crying and seeking vengeance for the misdeeds of their mothers. Anybody who tries to approach the 'water babies' gets drawn into the lake.

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