Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

I woke up in a daze, not quite sure of just where I was. But, little by little, as these things always do, the events flooded back to me.

I ached all over and the light pounding through the blinds didn't help anyone's case, least of all mine. Climbing out of bed, I found myself immediately falling forward.

My ankle was now swollen to the size of a large golfball. Not so bad, but the bruises were forming a nice paint pallette of colours on my leg.

Pulling on a pair of clean jeans and my tanktop off in the same deft, fumblin motion, I searched through my bag for a bra. I settled on the first one I could find; green with black polka dots. It also, subsequently, had the abillity to make me look a wee bit bustier on top than I actually was. Wonder bra, here.

I put it on and ventured out, hoping Mona didn't follow up on her threat to stand guard outside my door all night. I made a clean break for the bathroom located conviently across the hall from 'my' rom.

Cleaning myself up a bit, I scrubbed my face down until it was raw and pink. I ran my fingers through my hair, a makeshift brush, and proceeded to brush my teeth until my gums were near bleeding. I'd always been a little anal retentive on the cleanliness spectrum of things.

Opening the door to the hallway, I almost screamed. Standing in Mona's hallway was Evan, hand raised as if he was just about to knock on the solid wooden door that should still be standing between us.

Maybe 'walk out of my life' wasn't an appropriate term to use.

He stared a second too long before averting his eyes, leaving me to wonder why. Oh, der. No shirt. Aren't I on top of things this morning? I might even fall in the gifted percentile with these keen powers of observation up my sleeve.

"Hi." It was all I could say. It was all there was to say. Besides laughing, that is. I had to admit, this was a bit funny.

"Hey..." Evan replied, cheeks turning a nice rosey red.

I put my arm against the doorframe, after all, he was in my way. It would be terribly rude to just push past, even for the sake of clothing.

"So, what brings you here, Evan Rush?" I smiled at him, completely enjoying his embarrassment to the full extent. Maybe a bit too much, some would say.

I was not some.

He looked at me this time, realizing I didn't care. "Actually, you bein ghere is more of a surprise. Care to explain?"

"Mona didn't tell you?" I asked, spite dripping from my words. "New screwy foster kid. I lied. No happy home."

I shoved past him now, suddenly upset for reasons I couldn't fathom. He watched as I combed through 'my' room for a shirt I wouldn't mind doning for the rest of the day. The one I found was a nice purple with green hearts splattered and distorted across it. Not exactly colour-savy, but it'd do.

I looked up and found Evan still staring. At me, or the mess I'd managed to create in fifty seconds, I wasn't quite sure.

"Can I help you?" I snapped harshly. He shook his head no in response, but proceeded to continue staring at me. I felt like I'd suddenly become that puzzle again. I wasn't too fond of this feeling.

I stood up from my crouch and walked briskly past him down the stairs, attempting to locate the kitchen. It was then I realized I'd never asked Mona for a nice little tour of her house. I honestly had no idea where any particular room was located.

It was three attempts before I found the right room. It had a stove and everything. Swear to God, there was even a toaster. I was sure amazed.

Mona was sitting at the table, coffee in hand, looking pretty pleased with herself. "So, you've met Evan, have you?" she said, smug.

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