Chapter 30

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Rose's pov

I opened my eyes and I was speechless. Now I recollected his words back when I was in his room with him. He was afraid I might get killed. After I knew Mason was coming back I forgot to think rationally. Even if I was training I was still new and not trained enough to kill a huge rogue. But still I wanted to contribute in some way. I wanted to actually rip that monster to pieces, he killed my parents! I let out a deep sigh.

*The next morning*

I got ready and headed towards Alexander's office. As soon as I was at the entrance he sensed me and immedietly looked up. 'Rose, please come inside.' He said with a pleasent smile. 'I know I lost my temper yesterday, I know I shouldn't have, I am really sorry for that, it's just... Just that' and he trailed off. I held up a hand to stop and said, 'It's okay, I also overreacted. I forgot to think rationally. But Alexander, is there some... Some way in which I can contribute. In some way that I can help.' He seemed in deep thought. He replied, 'Okay, in case of an attack all the pups along with human mates and all pregnant she wolves are kept inside the pack house as it is the safest  and they all need protection. Warriors are also along with them to protect them in case any rogue tries to get into the pack house to attack them, you can do that. You can protect them. Besides that the kids if the pack love you, they will feel the safest with you around.' I nodded, it was a good idea. Then a thought also came in  my mind and I said,'i can also help you with the paperwork. I know that it is stressful to prepare for all this and also do the regular work. I can help you with that.' I suggested and his face brightened up. 'That would really help me and Dean a lot. You can definitely do that Rose. Thanks a lot.' He said and was about to say something when we heard faint screams. We looked at each other and immediately rushed to the living area of the pack house. To our surprise ut was surprise it was Sabrina who was screaming,'I want to see the alpha'. Over and over again. 'But I don't wish to see you.' Alexander said in his alpha voice. Hatred was written all over his face. When I came back I simply ignored her because I did not want to drop low at her standards and torture her the same way she did to me but instead with the people I loved I wanted to show her how happy I was with my life and how she had absolutely no significance in my life whatsoever besides she was already paying for her mistakes. I heard after I had left Alexander took away her royal status and her family disowned her after all of them got to know what she had done to me. She lost all her friends and nobody in the pack talked with her properly. Alexander had nothing but pure hatred in his mind for her. But as soon as she saw me and Alexander she immedietly started crying and went down on her knees and said, 'Please my alpha and luna, I need your help.' she seemed in a pretty bad condition and Alexander was not willing to go near her.

When I took a step towards her I suddenly sensed something. I sensed two heartbeats. Oh my god! She was pregnant! Alarms started going off in my head. Lily was puzzled as well. I gestured Alexander to come forward and the minute he did grudgingly, his eyes widened. Seeing Sabrina's condition while she was pregnant made me feel pity, not on her but the unborn baby. Even if me and Alexander had not mated and were not married I still whole heartedly took care of the children in the pack. It was a decision taken by me and lily. 'Take her to the infirmary' I said and everyone did that.

Inside the infirmary after Sabrina had finally calmed down I sat down with Alexander standing by my side and I told her, 'Tell us what happened.' calmly. 'M.. My mate got killed' she stammered trying to hold her tears back. I looked at Alexander who looked puzzled as well. No one in our pack had died. 'My mate was a rogue.' she finally said. 'Who... Who worked for Mason.' she confessed. I immedietly held Alexander's hand so that he would control his reaction.

'What do you mean by that?' I asked with anger. The only thing holding me back was the unborn pup or else I would have attacked. 'No luna, once my mate got to know that Mason was a bad rogue and after he met me he wanted to change his ways. He wanted to join a pack. He was also the one who had informed jake about mason.' she said in tears. Alexander looked relatively calm now and so was I, maybe her mate was not bad.

'We used to meet in secret and that was when we also completed our mating process. When he got to know about my pregnancy he was overjoyed and promised me he would come to talk with Alexander and join our pack. He was ready to accept any position, even an omega. He had left and ran away from mason for a long time and was living in the forest but..... But mason found him and.... And killed hi.. ' she started sobbing again.  'He told me to run and right in front of my eyes he was killed.' she said crying.

'Alpha,luna I just didn't want my mate's sacrifice to go to waste. He died to ensure a good future of our baby in this pack. He wanted to inform that mason is coming, he is coming, it is a 100% true.' she said.

With that she requested to see her brother Dean and her sister in law lavender with whom she had not communicated at all. Me and Alexander left the infirmary with a solemn and serious look on our face. We looked at each other and knew it was time to prepare ourselves for a war.

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