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Abhi and vaishu entered the room.

"Ops wrong timing"

"No bhaiya..... There is nothing like that..." Replied avu pushing away Sid who was still on top of her.

Vaishu like what....🤨

Sid. Like you guys think

Abhi. How do you know what we where thinking????

Avu's pov

God please help mee... What will I tell them know.

Pov ends

"Bacho sab neeche aa" screamed vibha maa.

Avu's pov

Thank God

Pov ends

"Maa.. y did you call us"

"Woh I ordered some pizza and it have arrived. If you don't want then it's ok......"

Sid.  Who said we don't want

With this everyone gathered around the dinning table.

Sid. (in a teasing sound) Waise bhabhi.......

Vaishu choked and gave Sid a 'why' kind of look..

Vibha  babhi????

Abhi (gave a death glare to Sid ). Woh maa tum toh isko jannthi hai na. Whatever comes in his mind he just spits it out...

Vibha was not satisfied with what he said then also didn't tell anything.... She turned towards avu who was staring at nothing..

Vibha avu beta. Don't mind them yeh log aise bakwaas karte rahti hoon

Avu similed innocently...

Time  skips.......

It was time for vaishu to leave.

SHe bided to all and went out.

Abhi maa I will go and drop her..

He reached the door when vibha called him

Vibha. Abhi I don't mind if she is my badi bahu😉

{Author's reaction: aunty is simply savage😅}

Abhi. Maa.... Aisa.....

Vibha. Kuch mat bol. Ho it's getting late.

Abhi and vaishu left

Vibha went to her room

Avu was standing in the balcony lost in her thoughts.

Sid went towards her and tapped her on right shoulder and moved to her left ear and mummered.

"Thinking about your dream boy huh.,...."

Avu turned to him with a fake smile and said

"There is no one like that.."

"Why so. Don't the boys in Bangalore have interest in this gorgeous girl"


"Ha... You only told na you are from Bangalore?"

"Oh ha. Sid I'm not feeling well. Let me go and have a nap it's already 8. Tomorrow I  have to go to college also. So...."

Sid. Good night avu

Avu good night

With this avu went to her room.

Sid in mind. Definitely she is hiding something. How will I find it. Im not gonna ask her....
After a while...
Yes that's better.

Sid also went to his room and slept..

Hey guys....

I'm back with a new chapter..

First I have to tell you something. I have changed Keran to Avneet as I it was been requested by some of the reader.

Hope you like this chapter...

What do you think Sid's idea to know about avu?. Let me know it in the comments.

And one more thing. Did you all like the new cover. It's designed by sidneetlover . Although it has been one week since I have changed the cover still I thought of putting this here. sidneetlover once again thanks for the cover.

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