feasts in the kingdom don't lessen the pain

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After I had completed the cleaning in the dungeons after long hours I finally made it back to the maids quarters again to face an unhappy head maid. She huffed angrily upon seeing me her large meaty arms crossing over her large bust. Her brows furrowed in anger and rage surging through those grey soleless eyes. The thought makes me shiver. "the prince has been waiting for you" she said angrily tapping her foot impatiently as another maid shorter than me blonde hair in a bun darted past me and out of the door silently. 

Waiting? why would he be waiting, he had Rosie, didn't he? "I apologize Miss Vilo" I said biting back the words etching to be set free so I could set my wrath upon her. But alas I held back and stood firmly placing the soapy dirtied water next to where I stood at the door frame. My knuckles and wrists ached from the constant motion of scrubbing and my back pains had only ceased to dull pain. That is until I turned to quickly or my corset rubbed firmly on the lashes which would cause them to yet again burn and flare.

She sighed angrily "fine, get to the prince's chambers immediately" she snapped and I nodded firmly and darted out of the room at a quick pace. I bit my lip slightly because due to my rushing I felt the burning creep up as agonizing as when they first were whipped into my back. I was so frustrated on why he couldn't have gotten Rosie to have just taken him to the feast tonight. It was the last thing I wanted to do, put up with the prince and his flirtatious friend. 

As I neared the chambers I silently sighed so no one would hear me and I placed a gentle knock upon the golden doors.

Loki POV:

I was growing impatient, I had requested Megan join me for attendance to the feast tonight as I found her a rather interesting thing. She wasn't like previous maids who constantly followed orders, remained silent constantly unless instructed to speak. She had a sense of wonder and defiance in those mint-colored eyes, there was something about her I wanted to know more of. I had known she was different as soon as she came through those doors to the throne room when it came to maid choosing. 

I was pacing and had sent Rosie to tend to other things for the time being when a gentle knock sounded on my doors. I huffed and walked over to see mint eyes peering up at me showing slight shock and something of...fear? my brows remained furrowed. "let us leave now" I said firmly and annoyed enough as it was to wait for her, Vilo the head maid had not told me her whereabout only that she was doing another task and didn't expect for me to be back so soon. I caught a glimpse of her nod as she hung her head and followed behind me as I walked down the corridors my boots thudding against the marble.

she was very silent, but I refrained from commenting as it wasn't normal for me to hold up conversations with my maids. I glanced back occasionally and noticed a faint wobble to her steps and noticed her attempt to hide them. I frowned to myself and turned my head back forward, strange. she had never stepped oddly before, I study the people I am to know and trust such as my personal maids so that I could tell if something happened to be wrong.

"are you alright?" I blurted out, internally hitting myself upside the head "yes prince Loki I am fine" she answered softly. Her head was still downcast and her mannerisms from my peripheral vision gave away all signs that she was lying. fiddling with her fingers, face constantly downcast, flinching at small movements. She was twinged with a sense of fear as well. I was glad that my title could come in handy for detecting lies as it could be quite useful unbeknownst to most.

I decided to keep silent the rest of the way choosing to not push her on the subject as I was already craving a meal. Upon arrival, I took my seat next to my boasting brother as he chuckled downing more ale by the hour. Frandal managed to get on my nerves however I couldn't pinpoint on why it irked me so much when he glanced in the direction of Megan, my maid. Occasionally grinning or winking and I could see she would curl back slightly trying not to react but I was clear she was uncomfortable.

But that wasn't the main focus of the night. She felt she couldn't tell me something and desired to keep it a secret although something had most definitely occurred while I had ventured with everyone else. I couldn't for the life of me pinpoint on what It could have possibly been and her stubborn nature of not blurting out things as soon as I approached them like other maids had both frustrated and fascinated me. She shifted ever so often while holding her posture in a line with other maids but her shifts were just noticeable if you caught them on time. Her foot would tap ever so slightly... But my oaf of a brother snapped me from my thoughts "..and that was how Loki got me that one time! do you remember that brother?" He boasted with a large grin on his features. The realization soon hit me that I had been distracted by a maid. far too much for that matter and I quickly blinked away the thoughts "yes I remember" I lied not hearing the first half of his story, to begin with. 

He laughed a hearty laugh and clapped me on the back as I shifted forward from the impact, I silently ate my meal as everyone else dug in aswell. It irritated me on how easily she was able to get into my thoughts, something surely to be fixed. It wasn't long before I finished and we all did leave the dining room and she trailed silently behind me he hands clasped together tightly head low and steps short. I noticed her struggling to keep up with my large strides so I slowed down, then it hit me again that I was thinking about a maid before myself and I sped up to my normal pace again.

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