Chapter 36: Jacob's Appointment

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The next day passed quickly. Jacob slept through most of it, only ever staying up long enough to take his medicine and have a meal. The therapists busied themselves preparing for the trip back to St. Ives for Jacob's two-week follow-up appointment. Angelique went out to get a full tank of gas in the car, and Simon compiled a list of all the noticeable changes they had seen in Jacob's behavior over the past week. Now, they just had to get him to the appointment without a tantrum.

Jacob had mostly recovered from his cold with small sniffles and a few short coughs every now and then. That morning, he was coloring while his caregivers cleaned up the kitchen. He knew they were all going out. The clothes that Simon dressed him in had given that much away, but he didn't know anything else. But he wasn't focused on that; his attention had been shifted to the new coloring book he was presented with.

"Jacob, we're almost ready to leave. Come over so I can put your shoes on," Angelique shouted from the kitchen.

When he didn't join her in the kitchen, she walked over to find him engrossed in his coloring, kneeling next to the coffee table. He had the yellow crayon in his hand, filling in the lines of a mane.

"That's a nice lion," Angelique commented, rubbing his back to get his attention. "But it's time for us to go in the car."

"Can I color in the car?" Jacob asked, looking up at his caregiver.

"You sure can," Angelique promised. She took a seat on the couch and lifted him onto the cushion next to her.

"So, where are we going?" Jacob asked, watching her slip his shoes on.

"We're driving to Richland," she answered, knowing Jacob didn't know where St. Ives was.

"What's in Richland," he asked.

"Someone is curious today," Angelique observed, tying his shoelaces. "You'll find out when we get there." She finished tying his shoes and helped him off the couch. "Come on, Simon's waiting."

Jacob quickly grabbed his coloring book and his box of crayons and followed Angelique to garage where Simon was waiting in the car. His caregiver opened the backdoor for him and helped him into his car seat. While she buckled him in, Simon turned around from the driver's seat.

"Do you want Batman?" he asked, offering Jacob his toy.

"Yes!" Jacob answered, enthusiastically taking Batman from him and stuffing him into the car seat with him.

Once Angelique got in the passenger's seat, Simon opened the garage door and they began the trip back to St. Ives. Jacob spent most of the trip occupied with coloring his pictures, but every now and then, he paused to ask if they were almost there or for a snack. Finally, two and a half hours later, they made it to St. Ives.

Simon pulled into the parking lot and shut off the car. "Now, we're here," he told Jacob. He stepped outside and opened the door to the back seat, quickly undoing the car seat's buckles.

Noticing the crayons and coloring book in his hands, Simon told him, "Sorry, buddy, but you can't bring the coloring book."

"But I want to color!" Jacob whined as Simon took the coloring book and crayon away from him.

"I know you do, but you might lose some of your crayons in the building," he said, helping him out of the car. "How about you bring Batman, and if you're good, you can have a special treat on the way back."

"Can I have ice-cream?" Jacob asked, allowing Simon to hold his hand.

"Sure, but only if you're good," Simon promised.

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