Chapter 12

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Earlier that Morning

Holden awoke next to a woman he had met the day before. He shook his mind free from any cobwebs that had grown overnight. He looked over at the blonde woman next to him in bed and silently groaned. He wondered if he could exit without her noticing.

She turned over and opened her eyes, "Good morning handsome."

She didn't remember his name. It was just as well since he didn't remember hers, "G'morning."

He stood up and reached for his boxers, "Thanks for last night."

"That's it?" she asked, disappointed.

"What else did you expect?" he asked.

"Oh I don't know...maybe some breakfast? An arrangement to meet again. That sort of thing," she said as she began to get dressed as well.

Holden had his back to her and frowned. He hated women like this. Last night was a one night deal. "Yeah, I was going to get some breakfast," Holden smiled. "Did you want coffee or juice?"

"Juice please," she smiled at him, satisfied that he wasn't going to treat her as a one night stand.

"I'll be right back," Holden said as he checked for his wallet and keys.

"I'll be waiting," her voice called out to him as he exited her apartment.

" will," Holden mumbled as he pulled out his phone and blocked her number. She hadn't been any help in getting information on Deidra Hamilton, the Jacuzzi victim. He had tried to cut their dinner short, but she insisted on him coming over. Holden stopped at a coffee shop and picked up a coffee for himself. He called his partner, Vicki Cruz.

"Hey Cruz, any news?"

"Nada. Did you get any information on Deidra Hamilton?" she asked.

"Nope. I struck out too. Although," he thought of Dillon, "I may have a lead that I can follow up on."

"Well do it Holden. We need to catch this guy."

Holden took a sip of his hot coffee and hung up the phone. He thought about the woman he had left behind that morning and wondered how long it would take for her to realize he wasn't coming back.

"I'm such a jerk," he frowned as he headed to his apartment to shower before going to work.

That Afternoon

Lucy took a step forward. His face was hidden but his outline was clear. She took another step as a Frisbee came flying in front of her and the woman in blue.

She squeaked as she jumped back.

"Sorry," a young boy shouted at her. "Can you throw it back, please?"

Lucy looked back to the bushes.

He was gone.

She picked up the Frisbee and tossed it back. Then she found her legs walking towards the bushes as if they had a mind of their own. A part of her brain was shouting at her to stop and think but Lucy moved forward until she could touch the bushes that the man had just been hiding at. She moved back some of the branches and stepped onto the spot where she thought O had just stood. It was surreal to know that perhaps he had just been there. She found herself running down the path behind the bushes. It was a dirt path that lead to the back entrance of a small art school. Students would often go to the park to draw or find inspiration.

Lucy tried pulling on the double doors but they were locked. "Did he lock them from inside?" she asked herself.

She walked along the back of the building until she saw the paved cement of the parking lot. It was void of people. She wondered where he had gone so quickly. A thought occurred to her that this woman named Grace was probably in trouble. What if she was his next victim?

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