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Ashtons p.o.v ( before the accident)

 " no no nooooo" i screamed after cal had beaten me at fifa again. it didnt bother e at first i mean i don't even play video games that much but after the 8th straight loss i was getting tired of it. 

" boom beat ya again mate" cal stood up and did his 'i just kicked your ass dance' while i sat and shook my head. 

" want some pizza?"  he looked at me already knowing the answer. he got and and walked into the kitchen opening the fridge, searching for the Left over pizza.

" so what do you make of the whole carter, luke, mikey thing..."  i asked slouching into the couch.

" i dont know i guess if they are... ohh man this pizza is good..... if her and mikey are happy so be it. luke still likes her tho its obvious and its his own fault he is the one who dated that rat Jessica." he took another slice out the box and began to eat it.

" i guess... i think its weird tho, i never imagined her with luke , let alone mikey."  i took a slice before cal had the change to finish it.

" me neither she is way too hot for them" i laughed and nearly chocked on my food.

" and what she isn't too hot for you?" i scoffed back. 

" you no what i meant but if that how you want to take it be my guest i mean im am pretty good looking" i grabbed a pillow and through it at his face before the phone began to ring. who the hell was calling me at 2 am.

" hello"

" hi is this mr irwin?" 

i laughed no one had ever called me ' mr irwin' before

" uh yes this is he. can i ask who is calling?" 

" this a riverbank hospital i am led to believe that you are friends with luke hemmings and he is staying with you. well he has been in a car accident." 

i didnt know what to say. luke in an accident. shit.shit.shit.

" oh i he okay? how hurt is he. is he awake. oh my god his mom is gonna be pisssed. we will be right over." i didnt even let her finish before i had hung up and started putting on a pair of boots.

" what wrong" cal looked at me confused as to why i was in a hurry to get out the door in my pajamas and a pair of converse.

" lukes been in an accident let go" as soon as i had said it cal was running around crazy trying to find shoes to fling on. 


we had just got to the hospital and i was trying to ramian clam. 

" ehh luke hemmings room please?" i asked the blonde girl at the front desk.

" let me see, hemmings, room 109 just down the hall and to your right" she replied and we took of running.  i stopped just short of his door. he wasnt just a friend he was our family and if anything happened to him i would hate myself. cal went in enfront of me. he was just lying there a little awake, enough to hear us anyway.

" hey mate, what have you done to yourself" cal pulled up a chair next to his bed and i did the same. 

" whe- where is carrrter" he spoke in a stutterd whisper. 

" she is at home mate. she doesn't know yet i will call her in the morning yea." i told him because i was not going to wake her and make her worry. 

" i i i want to see her" i hung my head knowing i would have to call her, he had just be in a accident and he wanted to see her i told him i would call but made no promise that she would show up.

After making the call i came back into the room to find a doctor checking over luke who had fallen asleep.

" is he okay? will he be okay?" i asked nervous of the answer.

" he should be fine right now he just has a broken arm and a few stitches. we took some scans of his head to see if there was any damage but we wont be able to know for sure until tomorrow but right now he is looking okay. if he doesn't remember some things you have to help him grow back into his normal life, but he is very lucky you know it could have been much worse. you should let him get some rest, you can wait outside his room for a while."

all those words worried me, what if he didn't remember stuff. like how to play guitar or lyrics to out songs. me and cal came out the room and sat down on the seats outside it, i hated just waiting like this. i didnt want car to see him like this i knew it would kill her, i knew she stilled cared about him even if she didnt know it yet! 


omfg I'm am so sorry i haven't updated in what feels like years. so much has been going on though... i promise to write so much more in the next week! hope this little update make up for something... will have the next chap up tomorrow hopefully!

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