Chapter 5

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       Emma woke up and stretched her limbs, looking around the now brightly lit room. The feeling of worry for Steve and Bucky settling in her bones. Getting up from her bed she decided to explore the facility by herself.

      Her feet padding on the ground was the only sound she heard as she explored. Emma wandered into the kitchen and stopped short when she saw Natasha Romanoff stirring her cup of coffee. They made eye contact and Nat immediately stiffened her body.

      "Hey" Emma said initiating the conversation

     Nat nodded her head back at Emma. "I heard you are living here now? I guess we should probably get rid of this awkward tension, so let me introduce myself I'm Natasha but you can call me Nat" Nat said holding out her hand for Emma to shake

    Emma smiled taking her hand "Emma, and I don't really have a nickname" She said laughing

      "How about Em?"

   Emma nodded her head another smile forming on her lips.

       "So you're a pretty good fighter. But you need more training in your hand to hand combat. I can help if you want" Nat proposed

      "Yes! When do we start?" Emma said eagerly

      "Well I don't really have anything going on today so we can do it now"

      Emma nodded her head once more as her and Nat made their way to the training facility, chatting about random stuff. Once they made it there they got straight to work and began by sparring. After Nat took Emma down in 30 seconds, she started showing Emma simple offensive and defensive moves. They kept working for hours not even realizing it. Nat became like a sister to Emma and she was lucky to have a girl to talk to.

      After sparring for the second time, Emma put up a bigger fight and even got some swings in. Nat eventually won though. Emma walked over to the corner and checked her phone. She started choking on her water when she realized it was 5 o'clock. She needed to get changed now if she was gonna have enough time to go school shopping with Pepper.

      Emma thanked Nat and gave her a big hug. Nat insisted that they do it again the next day and Emma agreed eagerly. She then left the room and went up to her own room and got in the shower. And for some weird reason her mind drifted to that Spider Boy. She thought about what his identity was. She also remembered him telling Steve that he was from queens so she couldn't help but wonder if he goes to the school that she will attend.

         Getting out of the shower, Emma used her powers to bring the towel to her. She dried herself off then got changed and headed out to find Pepper. She finally found her just leaving her office. Soon, they headed out and got all of the stuff Emma needed. Eventually they were all done for they day and Pepper said something about heading back.

Emma nodded her head and got in the car where their driver (Happy) was waiting. She tapped her foot the whole drive a wave of anxiousness resonating in her body. Once they made it to the compound she got out and stretched her limbs, walking into the multi-story building.

The second Emma walked through the door, she saw Tony Stark being rushed into the Avenger's Headquarters hospital wing. Her heart rate picked up. As she and Pepper followed after them. They waited outside of his room and all Emma could think about was if Tony, Bucky, and Steve were going to be okay.

Eventually they were aloud to see him and Pepper decided to go first, as Emma waited. After about five minutes Pepper came out and told her to go in. Standing up, Emma brushed off her pants and walked into the room that Tony laid in. "Hey, Stark" Emma said sitting down in a chair next to him.

"Little lightning bolt" Tony greeted somberly, not even looking her in they eye

"So are you gonna tell me what happened or am I gonna need to keep beating around the bush?"

Tony looked at her for the first time since he got home. "Cap is fine. Bucky will be fine. You are not allowed to see, or talk to them. They are runaway fugitives. Got it?"

"Wait, what? You went with them on this mission! You are just as much a fugitive as they are!" Emma said raising her voice.

"Listen, kid" Tony said, his voice as hard as steel. "You will do what I say, no contact."

Emma let out a puff of air through her nose "Tony, they are my family, they are all I have left." She said her voice cracking at the end, the familiar sting of tears coming back.

Tony let out a sigh "Let me figure things out first."

Emma nodded her head, silently obliging. "Thank you for taking me in, Tony. I can never repay you."

"Anytime kid, I'm always here if you need me"

Emma nodded again, a smile gracing her lips as she gave him a hug and walked out. So far her makeshift family has come to Steve, Bucky, Nat, and Tony. She loved it.

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