Request #3: Peter meets Clint

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This was requested by @miiiirandaaa thx for all ur endless support:):)

  Tony and Pepper are out of the country on some business trip for Stark Industries and asked Clint to babysit Morgan, but Clint ends up being called in for an unexpected mission. So, he resorts to calling up Tony's mysterious personal intern to take his place...

Some obvious Endgame spoilers-Morgan Stark


  Clint grappled for his phone, putting the device to his ear while maintaining eyes on the target.

  "Hello?" He said gruffly, bow and arrow digging into his cheek.

  "Honey, what's this on the calendar for today? I don't remember Cooper or Lila telling me about a Morgan..?" Laura said, getting right to the point.

  Clint felt his stomach drop as he released his arrow, planting it right in the torso of one of his many targets. Oh, how i know how that feels, Clint thought to himself before straightening and relocating himself. One of the many rules of being a spy: don't stay in one place for too long.


  "Wha? Yeah, I'm here. Morgan is Stark's kid. I was supposed to watch her today but i got called into this mission...dammit! I completely forgot!" Clint exclaimed, panic eating at his insides even as he took aim and fired two more arrows. Stark will surely kill him for forgetting about his daughter! Like, how do you forgot about someone's literal kid?!

"Well, I'd say i could watch her, but i have to stay here with the kids and their you have anyone you can call that can run over there?" Laura inquired.

Clint pursed his lips in thought. Tony had given him this one number to use if he had any questions or concerns, but he said other wise not to disturb them. His exact words were:

"Don't call this number unless you've tried google, bing, and yahoo. This is the 'I'm a complete idiot' number and shall not be used until you can admit you are as such, understand?"

And Clint had looked at him for a long moment before saying, "i understand."

Now, Clint was in a tricky situation. It wasn't like he could drop everything and google a babysitter qualified enough to even breathe the same air as Morgan Stark. But Tony had specifically told him not to call the number unless he was an absolute idiot. I think forgetting about Morgan entirely counts as me being an absolute idiot, Clint thought to himself before hanging up on his wife and dialing the mysterious number.

They picked up on the second ring. "..h-hello?"

"I'm a complete idiot," were the first words that came out of Clint's mouth.

"Uh, I'm sorry, but who is this?" The person on the other end sounded nervous.

"This is Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. Yeah, so Stark gave me this number for like, emergencies i guess and I'm having an emergency!" The archer explained as he fired off three more arrows before quickly jumping down from his perch and making a run for it. One of his arrows exploded behind him, barely singing his back. He yelped.

"Clint Barton...Hawkeye..," it took a moment for them to put two and two together, but once they did, Clint was not disappointed. "Holy shit! You're an Avenger! Oh my god, an Avenger is calling me! An Avenger has my number!"

Clint didn't know whether to laugh at the kid's obvious adoration or scoff at his unprofessionalism. Wasn't he supposed to be one of Tony's most trusted associates or something?

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