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"Did you make it?" Ethan asked. Grayson shook his head and smiled, pulling Madeline's hands away from his stubble. "Good, 'cause I was about to not eat it." Everyone laughed and you smile, still not having fully processed what was happening.

Grayson rolled his eyes but continued, "When the countdown ends, both of you cut your side of the cake. The dye in the vanilla will show you what the gender is." He said. You smiled widely as Ethan jumped up and down running his hand through his hair.

"Im nervous, why am I nervous, it doesn't matter, it's either a girl or boy, why am I freaking out," He rambled. You smiled and let out a squeal yourself. You looked over to see Madeline clapping and laughing too, making your heart fill with content. "C'mere." Ethan called.

You leaned over the cake to meet his lips with yours and pressed your forehead to his. You both pulled away as Grayson began the countdown. You shook out your hands as the numbers neared one and you shut your eyes, giving a second to be thankful for everything you'd had.

"ONE!" You heard everyone yell, including Madeline. You sliced the knife through the cake, and let out a cry. Blue. You were having boys. Or so you thought. You looked up to see Ethan also in tears, a hand over his mouth. You shut your eyes.

"Girls," He whispered. Your eyes opened. You looked at him and shook your head. He nodded, confused. "It's pink baby." He whispered. You shook your head pointing at the cake.

"It's blue." He ran over and around and stared at the color of the cake. "We're having boys, that's not pink, baby." You said, looking up at him.

Everyone was silent, some holding back tears as you made your way around the table to see the cake on his side. He was right, it was pink on his side. You both turned to look at Grayson who just shrugged and smiled. You looked at Ethan to see him already looking at you.

"Are we-" He looked from you to Grayson. "Are we having a boy and a girl?" He asked softly. You turned to look at Grayson who just nodded. You began to cry as Ethan wrapped his arms around you. You looked up to see Madeline confused as Grayson came over to give you both a hug. You wiped away your tears and Gray put Madeline down.

You kneeled forward to look at her. Her hand raised to your face and you smiled as she wiped away your tears. "Don't cry, mommy," She whispered. You shook your head.

"These are good tears, baby, don't worry." Madeline smiled and nodded. You felt Ethan kneel down next to you. Mads looked over at him.

"You're going to have a little brother and a little sister." He told her. She looked between the both of you and pointed at your stomach.

"Twins?" She asked. You nodded and smiled. She clapped and smiled. "Twins!" She said louder. You smiled wider as she wrapped her arms around your neck. You hugged her back and smiled. Standing up, Ethan lifted her and you kissed her on the head.

You and Ethan went around again and thanked everyone for coming and spending the day with you once more. As amazing as the day was, it came to an end too soon. Everyone left eventually and Ethan helped Grayson clean. You put away the last of the chairs into Gray's trunk as he kissed Madeline bye. As he got into the car. You thanked him repeatedly for the day you'd just had.

"Hey, don't worry about it," He said. You smiled as he pulled out of your driveway. "Just throw me something just as epic!" He yelled, driving away. You laughed and headed back into the house.

"He left?" Ethan asked, cutting a slice of the cake. You nodded as he looked up. "The pink side, right, princess?" He asked the little girl sitting next to him on the counter. She nodded and kicked her legs.

"That's a lot Ethan, we're going to bed soon," You said. Ethan rolled his eyes. You looked over at Madeline as she watched Ethan do it and she did the same. You laughed and shook your head. "Okay, let's get dressed and then you can have your piece." You told her. She sighed and nodded.  

Ethan pulled her off the counter and set her on the ground and she ran over to grab your hand. "Hey, c'mere." Ethan said. You moved back to kiss him on the lips before heading upstairs with Madeline.

You got her changed into your pajamas and she waited patiently for you to change into yours. You sat on the bed to pull on some fuzzy socks and she ran over to help you get them down. Pulling you to your feet, she helped you downstairs and into the kitchen, where Ethan was washing all the dishes and mason jars from the party.

"I can do some," You said, walking over. He shook his head and pointed to the couch. "E, I can help too," You said. He nodded and turned back around.

"I know you can, but I'd much rather have you sit on that couch right there and play with our daughter while I do the dishes because after those two come out and grow, don't think I'll be doing this too often." He said. You laughed out loud.

"Okay, okay, hurry up." You said. He nodded and you went over to the couch where Madeline had turned on the tv and was eating some cake. You sat down next to her and she held up some cake on her little spoon. You smiled and ate it. "Ethan, why'd you give her a baby spoon to eat cake?" You called out.

"I can't find a clean fork, babe." He said back. You shook your head and leaned back on the couch, tired. You turned to sit against the armrest of the couch and closed your eyes, leaning on the armrest. And before you knew it, you were asleep.


You felt two arms carrying you as you woke. You looked to see Ethan carrying you upstairs. You smiled and he smiled back. "You can go back to sleep, I'm taking you to bed." He whispered. You smiled as he put you down on the bed. "Wow, you're three people now." He said. You fell back into the bed smiling.

"Where's Mads?" You asked. He smiled over at you changing into his own pajamas.

"She fell asleep on the couch too, so once I finished cleaning I carried her into bed and tucked her in." He said. You nodded and slowly pulled the covers back and got under them. Ethan turned off the lights and joined you, throwing the sheets over you both.

"A boy and a girl." You whispered, as his arm went over your stomach. He nodded into your neck and you smiled. "Wow." You said.

"Why did that possibility not cross my mind?" He asked. You smiled. "I'm, holy fuck, a boy and a girl." He said.

"We have to work on that language, Dolan," You said with a smile. "You can't be talking like that around the kids." You said. You could practically feel him smirk as he went under the covers and pulled up your shirt.

"Fuck." He whispered to your stomach. You smacked his head as he rubbed it sitting up. "Ow, y/n, that hurt." He said as he snuggled next to you, chuckling.

"Just shut up and sleep, Ethan." You said with a smile. You felt his lips on yours as you closed your eyes.

"As you wish, baby." 

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