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AN// hello my loves, this is part 4 of mute//e.d, make sure to read the other parts too <3 there'll be one more part to this and that'll be the end :) love you all <3

(y/n pov)

"You really think they're going to be boys?" He asked. You looked down at him, head on your lap feet crossed at the ankles. You ran your fingers through his hair as you smiled down at him.

"Feels like it," You said. He closed his eyes and smiled. "You really think they're girls?" You asked him. He nodded and sat up, looking at you.

"I can see it," He said. You smiled as he sat on his knees to look at you. "Imagine, Madeline would have two sisters to play with." He said. You smiled and nodded.

"I don't know I kinda want an Ethan and Grayson junior." You said. He smiled at the thought.

It was the night before the baby shower and you and Ethan couldn't sleep. How could you? In less than 24 hours you would know the gender of your babies. You'd put Madeline to sleep earlier, and now it was just you and Ethan.

"I don't even care what they are, as long as they're healthy, I'll be happy." You smiled and he leaned down to kiss you. "Let's sleep, we have a long day tomorrow." He said. You nodded and he got under the covers with you. You leaned your head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around you,


"What's up gorgeous?" He asked. You held back a smile.

"I want tacos."


"Ready?" You asked him, and he fixed his belt and looked up at you. His eyes widened as he saw you ready. You smiled. "Do I look okay?" You asked, fixing your white dress. He nodded and you smiled.

"Wow, you're beautiful," He said. You smiled and shrugged. "Where's Mads, is she ready?" You asked. He nodded.

"Mads," He called out. No response. He turned. "Princess?" He called. He smiled as she ran into the room, dressed in her cute white dress and flats.

"Awe, look at you," You said, as she ran over to hug your leg. You looked up at Ethan who had his arms crossed and was smiling. "And you," You said to him. He chuckled.

It was the day of the reveal, and Grayson had warned you guys not to leave your room, or look out the windows. The party was happening in the backyard, and almost all the guests were there. Everyone was to dress in white, and you were to get ready in your room, and not leave until Gray said so.

Ethan walked over to you and lifted Madeline up. He kissed you quickly before Grayson walked into the room. "You can come down now!" He yelled. Squeezing your hand, he walked you down the stairs, heart pounding in your chest.

The party was lovely. There was food, drinks, your family and close friends. Everyone had a fun time. You made a mental note to give Grayson an even better gender reveal when the time came. Madeline had a fun time, and everything was decorated so beautifully, you knew it'd be a day you'd never forget.

"Okay, everyone come here," You turned away from Lisa, who you were talking to and looked to see Grayson rolling in a cake.

Nothing special, it was one story, a perfect circle. And it was completely white. No sign of anything. Ethan walked up to the table Grayson had just rolled in and looked up at you. Madeline looked at the cake. "Yummy," She whispered. You squeezed Ethan's hand and kissed her cheek.

"In this here cake, lies the gender of the twins," Grayson said. Your eyes widened as people started clapping. Grayson took Madeline from Ethan and led him to one side of the table. "And y/n stand there." He said. You stood across the table from Ethan and picked up the knife.

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