Chapter 4

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           Opening her eyes, all Emma saw was white. She tried to move her arms to stretch but she couldn't. It was like she was restricted. She looked down to see that she was in straight jacket. Panic rushed through her mind and she felt trapped. Emma stood up as fast as she could and looked through the glass to see that she was in a high security prison. Her heartbeat quickened and she struggled in the jacket a little more.

      Taking a chance Emma called out to see if the other people on her team could hear her. "Guys? Are you here?" 

          Nothing. Emma was alone for the time being.  Her thoughts began consuming her and the grief finally got to her. Tears began sliding down her face as she sat on the ground, not even being able to wipe them.

       When she was fighting with Bucky and Steve the thoughts of her parents went away. Even just talking to both of them eased her mind. They were the family she never thought she would have again. But here she was, in a cell. A few more tears rolled down her cheek as she stared in front of her. Waiting for what was gonna happen next.

(Time Skip)

        Tony Stark stared at the screens which held the faces of the people he used to call friends. He analyzed each one before stopping at the platinum blonde girl that Steve recruited. He saw the look of agony and hopelessness present on her face. Tony knew the girl shouldn't be in there. She was just a kid. 

      Turning to secretary Ross, Tony made a decision. "Ross, take the girl out of there, she is coming with me. She is too young to be held in an isolated containment unit, especially when you guys put her in a straight jacket." That part infuriated Tony the most. 

       After some arguing Ross finally gave in, stating that Emma would have to be kept under a close eye. Tony, agreeing with what he said, told Ross that she would stay in the Avengers Headquarters with him and everyone else. 

        Eventually, they made their way down to the cells. Tony, could hear the snide comments being thrown at him, and he knew he deserved it, after Cap was right all along. After talking with Sam about Cap's location, they stopped in front of the cell that held Emma. She looked up making eye contact with Tony, but he didn't see as much hate as he saw in the other's, he just saw a plead for help. 

        The guards opened the door and Emma looked really confused but didn't say anything. They took the keys and undid her straight jacket. After taking it off Emma just looked at them wondering what to do next. That was when Tony decided to come in and talk to her. "Hey guys, could you give us a sec?" Tony said, watching as they hurriedly left.

        Tony started again, not wasting time on formalities. "Listen kid, Cap was right. That has been discovered, but he and your friends are still fugitives. But, luckily for you, I made an arrangement and you have been granted your freedom, but you have to live with me."

         Emma nodded her head but only cared about one thing "Where are they? Bucky and Steve"

          "That shouldn't be your worry right now. I'm going to go help them. But you, are gonna get on a helicopter and fly back to New York and wait."

      Emma started to protest "Mr. Stark I can help fight! I was brought here by Steve for a reason" 

       Tony made a face "Emma, no. Cap bringing you here was immature of him. You are just a kid. And I am now your guardian, so what I say goes."

       Emma sighed in defeat "Fine, but please tell them I said hi."

       Tony nodded his head and extended his hand for her take so he could help her up, but she just looked at it and got up by herself. Tony shrugged his shoulders and followed after her. They made it to the helicopter and Emma got in one, while Tony got in the other. He nodded at her, signaling that this was final. Emma just sighed as the helicopter took off, being left alone with her thoughts once more.

         The thought of seeing Steve and Bucky again excited her. She couldn't wait to run up to them and give them a big hug,then tell them that she was alright. She tapped her foot the whole helicopter ride, feeling anxious. She didn't like the thought of flying over an ocean in the storm.

       When they made it to the Avengers headquarters, Pepper Potts was the first to greet her. "Hi hunny, welcome to your new home. At first, it's a little too big to handle, but you get used to it eventually." Pepper finished smiling

     Emma just smiled back and nodded, following Pepper into the building. Pepper showed her around before eventually coming to a stop outside of a regular door "And this is your room, we will go school shopping, and clothes shopping tomorrow. Oh, and don't be afraid to come get me at any time if you need something." Pepper said

     Emma nodded "Thank you so much, Ms.Potts" 

    "Please call me Pepper"

    Emma nodded her head again, entering the room that she would now call hers. 


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         A gasp left her lips, the billionare's rooms were huge. She smiled lightly to herself and sat on the bed analyzing the whole room. Eventually, she grew tired and laid her head on the pillows, letting sleep take over.

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