67: Graduation and Plane Tickets

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"Scott Richard Hoying."

Watching my best friend proudly walk across the stage, clad in his graduation gown, sent all sorts of emotions through me. I was so, so proud of him, and I knew he was just as proud of himself, if not more.
His grin was big and bright as he shook hands and posed for a photo with the headmaster of his school, before continuing his way across the stage and back to his seat. As he walked by our seats, Wesley gasped and nearly flew out of my arms to say hi to his father.
"Hi daddy!" Wesley waved. "Hi!"
Scott smiled, waving back as he walked by. We locked eyes and his cheeky little wink sent my heart fluttering. He was so happy and proud of himself and when we met up after the ceremony, it was like he was a changed man.
It's like he aged a few years when he officially graduated, but I wasn't one to complain or bring it up. I was just so happy to see him happy.
After taking photos infront of the arena the ceremony was held in, we all took Scott out to dinner. It was as we were raising our glasses to Scott's graduation, did I tell Wesley to hand Scott the envelope I hid in his little backpack.
"Here you go, daddy!" Wesley chirped, sitting on Scott's lap. "From daddy!"
"What's this?" Scott smiled, his arm around Wesley as he opened the envelope and gave me a curious look. "Babe-"
"Just open!" I chuckled, glancing to Kirstie and Kevin to see them with equally as excited smiles.
"What's— Mitch!" I laughed when he gasped at the sight of the two plane tickets I hid inside of the envelope. "Hawaii? No way,"
"Yes way!" I chuckled, returning his kiss. "You and I are spending an entire week in Hawaii to celebrate you graduating!"

"You are incredible, Mitch Grassi." I felt Scott's arms around me later that night. His lips pressed against my neck and I could hear his smile through his voice as he gushed about how excited he was about Hawaii. "An entire week? Baby, what on Earth are we supposed to do for that long?"
I laughed, turning and wrapping my arms around his neck. "Nothing, Scottie. That's the point. We are going on vacation, so stop worrying about what we're going to do, and start thinking about how long we're going to sleep for."
He gasped, "thats right! It's just going to be us, then? We get to sleep in past eight!" He pretended to tear up and I rolled my eyes, laughing. "I don't remember the last time I slept in past eight in the morning," I felt his lips against mine until he pulled back and slid his hands under my hips. He tossed me onto the bed and I laughed as he jumped next to me.
"Our flight is Sunday,"
"So soon? That's two days from now!"
"Surprise," I smiled, resting my arm under my head as I watched Scott rush to our closet to try to figure out what to bring. "What're you going to wear?"
"Shorts, right? Shorts make the most sense.. I don't have a lot of shorts! Uhm.. I need more swim trunks and— those cute button ups people wear at the beach. You know, with the strings?"
I nodded, "we can go shopping tomorrow. Your dad's so excited to get the kids for the week; he took the week off and everything,"
Scott's cute little smile sent butterflies in my stomach. "He's such a good grandfather. Okay! What do we do now? Uhm— we need to clean! We have to clean the house before we can leave so it's not a mess-"
"You need to sleep, busy bee." I laughed again, admiring how excited and happy he was. "Come here,"
"Don't gotta ask me twice," Scott jumped back into bed next to me and I felt his arms around my waist, his lips against my cheek. "I love you so, so much, Mitch Grassi."
I cupped his cheeks, "I love you too, Scott Hoying."


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