Chapter 14

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Okay so I haven’t updated for a goooood while but expect much faster updates this week because the book is sadly coming to an end pretty soon.



---Alex POV



It’s been about a week since the accident; a week since I’ve seen or talked to Jessica. A week since I touched her, and its fucking killing me.

Since she lost all of her recent memories, everything that happened in the past month or two… which includes me. She refused to come home with a stranger, so right now she’s at her house. It’s not that I can’t see her; I mean it’s my fault that she’s like this anyways.

I sighed and stood up from the bed and began pacing the room. I blew a stray hair from my cheek; I haven’t even had time to cut my hair with all this shit going on. How could I have let this happen? So many other persons could have gotten hurt but I was so blinded my anger that I didn’t do shit, I just let it all play out.

Maybe its better this way, I mean knowing myself I get bored pretty quickly; I tried to convince myself. But the truth is, our relationship ending was the last thing I wanted. I continued pacing the room; so close to walking a hole in the floor when I paused.

Who am I kidding? Jessica was all I wanted and I should fight for her right? Regardless of all this shit, I have an advantage! I could let her fall in love with me all over again.The only problem is, what if after all that she still doesn’t want to be with me? I asked myself. Well fuck her then, I rolled my eyes. These multiple thoughts were pissing me off and I really just wanted to turn them off. Someone should invent a switch or something, it’ll really make life so much easier.

Just as I was about to give up my planning for the day, an image of Rachel calling me an idiot and rolling her eyes popped into my mind.



She doesn’t remember who I am or anything we did in the past month much less last week. I paced the hospital room running a hand through my hair. What the fuck am I supposed to do now? I asked myself several times.

“This is exactly how I pictured you’d be” I heard a familiar voice at the door.

“How, slowly slipping; on the brink of insanity?”

She chuckled and sat in the couch “No I meant pulling your hair out.”

I raised a brow “How can you be so calm right now?”

“You know she loves you right? So I don’t see why there’s a problem” she shrugged.

I groaned but didn’t reply.

Maybe this is a sign, I thought. Maybe the universe is telling me leave Jessica the fuck alone. I sighed, I should have left her alone in the first place but everything about her screamed ‘chase me’ and that little game of cat and mouse we played was entertaining, not to mention sexy.

“Idiot” I heard her say.

I spun to face her and she rolled her eyes.

“I honestly can’t believe you’re thinking about letting her forget you for real, to pretend like you were nothing to her. Who will that benefit?” she asked standing from her seat.

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