Downstairs 3:00

"stupid dog has my ipod!'' charlie screamed. Charlie is running around the house chasing the poodle. poodle was, and evil. "stupid dog". charlie screamed. while ashley try to make her move agian. Charlie come in the middle situation and the poodle land her lap. "uh!!! what are yuo diong?" said ashley furiosly. "trying to get my ipod from the rat". said charlie. AShley look very upset. " sorry ash i got to go". said justin. "but-but"siad ashley. AS we leav ashely was screaming in her room. While justin look mad at me. ofcourse i stood quite in one corner of the bus. "why all the girl in the world it had to be ashely"said justin "im not like any other girl" charlie siad. "what are you saying"justin asked. "well some come with cover make sure you see them well" charlie said. Ofcourse he didnt get it but just lat on the buckbed wishing that what happended with ashley never happended.

Chapter 3 ( to be continued)

Charlie escapes from the bus at night. She goes to an abonded building and she looks for a guy she supposed to me there. The place looks creepy and torn. There where rats everywhere and dogs sleeping on the floor. Guess is was an old building that they never finish. "pss" charlie heard mysteriouys sound. "pss" it was the guy she was waiting for. "you got the stuff?" he asked "yup all video and fotos"charlie siad. "Thanks charls." "dont mention it to anyone". Charlie said. Charlie just handed in emberrasing video and photo of jb to a reporter for fame magazine. It was her job cuase she a trainning journalism.

Next Morning.

"WTH!"said marcos. "what wrong marcos can you just stay one day not being a pian in the" said sam upsetly but justin interrupt her on the ast word she was about to say. " The neck". "Well some poparrazi where spying on you check the internent, check the magazines, And check the news! Is everywhere" said marcos. Everthying was publish since charlie gave that reporter what he wanted his emberrasing moment in the bus and with ashley was publish." Who will do this?" ask justin. "Charlie!"said marcos. "No, she wouldnt" he sresponded. Charlie came in the bus late she smeell like wet dog and she was dirty from head to toe. "Well, where wer you missy" siad sam. "I was giong outside to call someone cuase i had no bars in here. Then came a car and splash a poudle on me. Now I smell like wet dog" said charlie. "Lets clean you up"siad sam. "wait wasnt the call doing anything about sending thses videos." siad marcos. "No why acuse me?" said charlie pretending to be all sad. "OH, stop it marocs" said sam. Whe sam and charlie where walking to the bathroom. Justin and marcos where sitting on the chair thnking what they should do next. "Charlie coulndt do it she to nice" siad justin. "Then who!" said marcos "I dont know but let move on" said justin. "who ever did this needs to pay." siad marcos.

7:00pm concert

"Thank everyone good night!"said justin. As he walk down the stairs with marcos giong to a club. "So justin your videos make a big hit in failblog" some people said making fun off him. "haha very funny" said marcos. "This sucks everyone making fun off me cuase of that video" said justin. "C'mon maybe not everybody knows?" said marcos. They had a huge screen in the club and sadly the put the emberrasing video of jb that everyone talking about. "Oh, NO" said justin. "Okay now everyone knows." said marcos. "I'm gonna go" said justin upset. He left the club while people are laughing at him. He was so upset he didnt even went to the bus he went to the park alone and sat on a bench. He was viewing the stars at night and just sitting there thinking who would of done this? It started rain and he got wet. He ran to the bus it was locked. Charlie was inside watching him gettting wet. She didnt even bother opening the door he tried to open but the key was to slippery. When he finally open the door he saw charlie inside and got very upset cuase she didnt bother opening the door. "Hey why didnt you open the door!" said justin screaming " I didnt heard you." said charlie. "I bang the door so hard ! How could you not hear it!" said justin "I'M sorry" she siad. "No, charlie are you laughing at me to!" said justin yelling at her. As he walk towards her and make her look at him in the eye. "why you left out there im wet and cold!" he siad. As chatlie started tearing up " Im sorry i didnt heard you" she said about to cry. Justin felt bad and hug her. She was crying on his shoulder but ofcourse there where fake." Didnt mean to put all my anger on you". he said. She look at him and left to his bunkbed and lay there. She was wearing his sweater and cap on and just sleeping there in silence. Justin just stayed in couch and slept there.

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